July 23, 2024

How To:  Use AI to Check Your Resume and Cover Letter

By Phoebe Ransco

As many of us students begin to approach the job market, many of us are stressing out about whether our resume works to get us into that dream job. With everyone using different software and highlighting the supposed “dos and don’ts” of resume writing, getting your point across that you need a job ASAP begins to get lost.

Thankfully, we were born in a day and age where the computer can do most of the dirty work for us. 

AI bots such as ChatGPT and Bing AI are developed enough now to be able to submit your resume and the machine spits out even more tips on how to perfect your professional documents. 

Using AI comes with moral dilemmas: “how much AI can I use before it’s not my work?” “how can artificial intelligence describe my summer internship” etc. Writing a cover to cover AI resume is bad practice for sure, but using its grammar and keyword abilities to make your resume more solid is great, and exactly what it’s made for. With resume software using AI to filter through thousands of resumes and cover letters, the judge always knows best.

Submitting a resume or cover letter to AI allows the user to increase key words and phrases that specific industry’s search for (or their AI does it). Making key words and phrases stand out on your resume can breach through the employers filtering software to get your experiences in front of a real person with ease.

Step One is copying your resume (words only) into an AI engine. Simple.

Step Two is at the bottom of your copied resume, adding phrases to the bottom such as “grammar check” “spell check” “clean up” or “add key words for ___ industry” will allow the software to make the resume edits you need.

Step Three is the most important. After the results generated from the entry, going through its result with a close eye will make sure your humanness is still felt through the edits.

If anything, the results will give you some new ideas of words or things to add, if you don’t want an entire resume rewrite. 

Work smarter, not harder. Using AI for professional documents is the way of the future. If all the big guys at large companies are using it for their filtering software, why not use it to make edits that push your resume through to the finish line; a corporate 9-5.

8 thoughts on “How To:  Use AI to Check Your Resume and Cover Letter

  1. Phoebe, this is a great post. I think we are so lucky to have access to AI platforms like ChatGPT and have the opportunity, as journalism students, to master its use. While I have used AI to check documents for me I never thought to input my resume. The keyword section is super insightful and definitely something I will be trying in the future. Great work!

  2. Hi Phoebe,

    I absolutely loved reading your post. I think this is such a great tool for students entering the job force. I agree that many people are hesitant to use these tools because they feel like it’s cheating. People need to continue being educated on the benefits of AI, and how to use it correctly. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Phoebe, great post! I usually use ChatGPT to help me check my cover letter, but I never thought about plugging my resume into it, as well. It totally makes sense that it would be able to help me identify key phrases and skills from the industry, so I’ll have to try moving forward.

  4. Phoebe, great job! It always amazes me as to what AI is capable of and I love hearing about all of the positive things it is doing for our society, especially college students. It is a great outlet to be able to check professional work and have a platform that is able to help us when we need it without being dishonest. I loved your piece and think yo did a greta job explaining AI’s importance.

  5. Nice post , it always amazes me what Al can do. You have written a great post and I agree with the part working smarter, not harder. I’ve never asked Al with help on my resume so I might try it!

  6. Hi Phoebe!
    This is a very useful post with a lot of tips I never thought to use. I never thought to use AI to help me with my resume, but that’s something I’ll look into as I continue sending my resume places. This was a great post with a great theme!

  7. Hi Phoebe! Your article is incredibly useful, especially since it’s time for me to review my resume. I’ll definitely leverage these tips. While I’ve experimented with using AI for a cover letter before, I haven’t yet tried it for my resume. After reading your article I’m definitely going to give it a try. Great work!

  8. Hi Pheobe,
    I thought that your blog post was extremely helpful and I will definitely be using it to look back and review my resume. I am going to try this when I start applying for jobs.

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