June 25, 2024

Dr Pepper: An AI Campaign

By Kate Wischhover 

Dr Pepper is a soft drink distributed by Keurig Dr Pepper. The drink was originally created by a pharmacist in Waco, Texas, and has since grown, now hosting 23 different flavors. The soft drink, which debuted in 1885, has become increasingly popular over time and resides in its own “pepper” flavored drink category. Dr Pepper brand social media currently focuses on a lot of comedic-themed content with meme style posts about the drink and people who drink it. The company has a fresh and modern media style seemingly targeting a younger audience. 

“Your Doc’s Pepper” Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to highlight the energizing qualities of Dr Pepper soda. This campaign will hopefully attract a new wave of consumers, specifically consumers in the medical field looking for extra energy to get through their day. The campaign focuses on partnerships with real Dr Pepper fans who work in the medical field in order to promote the drink. The posts feature real-world medical professionals enjoying Dr Pepper as their source of energy.

Post 1: 

Join the soda squad and keep your energy soaring! When even doctors turn to Dr Pepper for a quick pick-me-up, you know it’s the ultimate fuel for your day! Give it a try and let the fizz fuel your hustle! #SodaSavesTheDay #EnergizeWithEverySip

Post 2: 

Even the pros reach for a little fizz to fuel their fire! Doctors trust Dr Pepper for that extra boost to conquer their day – shouldn’t you? Get ready to power up with the same energy source trusted by the experts! #SodaEnergyPros #DoctorsChoice

Post 3: 

Need a pick-me-up? Even doctors rely on soda to power through their busy days! Whether it’s a caffeine kick or a quick energy boost, sometimes a fizzy sip is just what the doctor ordered! #SodaSaviors #DoctorApprovedEnergy

To create these images I used Canva AI image generator. The images produced were as expected. I had a difficult time specifying the images to feature Dr Pepper, as Canva has very strict policies. When I simplified it to, “red soda can” I found I often got soda cans with logos mimicking Coca-Cola. I used ChatGPT to produce the captions and besides the excessive use of emojis which I removed, the captions were very good. 

I found this process to be very educational. Exploring different AI platforms was interesting, especially for creative use and social content application. AI, particularly image generation, offers brands the chance to showcase events or products before they happen. Yet, it’s essential to tread carefully, as AI’s use can be apparent to audiences. Brands must consider their environment and audience perceptions when utilizing AI technologies in order to remain credible within their industry.

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8 thoughts on “Dr Pepper: An AI Campaign

  1. Hi Kate,
    This is such a cool idea, I loved reading your post. I love Dr. Pepper, and I think they could really pull on their consumers if they promoted the caffeine aspects of the drink. I feel like people are slowing starting to stray away from sodas because they just taste good and don’t have any benefits besides that. Super cool idea and love the images!

  2. Hi Kate, I love this post. I am an avid Dr. Pepper fan myself, so I’m super interested in this campaign you created. Soda often gets a bad rap for not having any positive qualities while people still turn to energy drinks with twice the caffeine and side effects. Cool idea!

  3. Loved your blog post Kate! It is so cool to see how brands are really starting to take advantage of AI to connect to their audience. It is also really cool how you were able to generate your own images and campaign. I think you executed every idea perfectly and did a great job explaining your process.

  4. Hi Kate, this is a great post. I liked the idea that you had it was really clever and funny. I found it hard to get the brand right on my own AI campaign so I understand the struggle you faced.

  5. Hi Kate!!
    I really like the angle you took in creating this campaign. In a world where there are millions of soda types, and hundreds of soda brands/companies that have been around forever, I would assume that campaigns have to be smart and creative in order to succeed. I think this is a good connection between the name of the soda and a symbol for health and wellness (doctor), while also tying in foundational aspects of the soda, like its caffeine content.

  6. Hi Kate, I loved your blog post! As a Dr.Pepper fan myself I thought it was really creative to incorporate Dr. in the campaign and I loved the captions you paired with it

  7. Hi Kate, great idea! I love the AI photos you’ve selected. Finding accurate representations can definitely be challenging, so kudos on your choices. I think the concept of featuring people in the medical field enjoying Dr. Pepper is a really smart idea, considering their demanding energy needs. Based on these photos, I can already envision a commercial. Great job!

  8. Hi Kate,
    I thought that the images you generated created a good campaign that flowed very well. I think that your campaign stood out from other soda campaigns I have seen before and you did a great job differentiating yourself.

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