May 21, 2024

How to Stay Up to Date with TikTok Trends

By Jenna Ortega

TikTok has surged in popularity, becoming one of the most used apps since its beginning.  There are things you can learn from the app, like creating, sharing, and connecting with people from all over the world. TikTok is a fast-paced app that allows creators and followers to create fresh and engaging content. Staying up to date with these new trends, challenges, dances, music, etc can be overwhelming at times. It makes users question what trends are in and what trends are out.  How can one keep up? 

One of the easiest ways to stay on trend is to frequently explore the “Discover” page. This page will allow you to discover popular hashtags, sounds and effects. By exploring and delving into how many users are engaging with these popular trends, you gauge their popularity. With the Discover page, you’ll find a curated selection of trending videos and see what’s gaining attraction and catching other users’ attention through views, comments, and likes. 

Find creators and influencers within your area of interest. Most influencers are up to date on trends due to the help of their team and fellow creators. These influencers will also be creating their own trends and encouraging their followers to adopt them. Jake Shane, TikTok influencer with 2.7M followers, started the “Nyming” trend. Nyming – “acronyming for short”- has influenced people to make their own shortened phrases. 


got bored and made nyming merch

♬ original sound – Jake Shane


Your “For You Page” (fyp) is the recommended content and videos from TikTok that is based on your algorithm.  Creators use #fyp to help increase visibility and brand awareness that are targeted towards their audience. Hashtags are important because it can be related to your interests and allows you to engage with like-minded users to discover new trends and it ensures that you don’t miss out on anything that can potentially become viral. 

Other ways to stay on trend: 

  • Follow Popular Brands that are leveraging TikTok trends. A lot of brands incorporate trends to angle their own company. 
  • Look at TikTok’s analytic tools and see what videos are trending by looking at the metrics. 
  • Experiment and create your own content. By experimenting on your own content creation aligned with current trends, you can see what’s gaining popularity and what’s not. 

Keeping up with trends requires a combination of exploration, active engagement, and creativity. It’s important to engage with the videos that are on your feed because it allows you to immerse yourself with the current trends that are being presented to which you can gain inspiration to create your own content. By following these strategies, you will have the ability to stay on trend and have the ability to know what trend is going to go viral.

4 thoughts on “How to Stay Up to Date with TikTok Trends

  1. Hello Jenna,

    This is a very helpful blog! I am very bad at keeping up with trends, especially when it feels like a new one is being produced every day. These are helpful tips and I’ll keep these in mind when working with social media-based clients. I liked your advice on the hashtags (people forget about them!) and using trend-centric brands as a tool to keep track of trends.

  2. Hi, I am not good at keeping up with trends unless they are announced to me. I’ll keep the helpful tips in mind when working with social media-based clients. Good work.

  3. Hi Jenna! This post is so timely and important considering how fast the trends cycle through TikTok. Staying up to date on the latest drama and news through TikTok is hard when you’re not on the right algorithm and engaging in more posts that are popular and trendy will keep the FYP fresh.

  4. Hey Jenna! This is such a cool post! I am definitely always out of the loop when it comes to trends so it is always interesting to me to see what types of posts are trending and what is the most popular thing on TikTok. Great work!

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