June 25, 2024

How The Viral TikTok Chamoy Pickle Kit Has Taken The App By Storm

By Carlie Esses

In recent months, the culinary world has been set on fire by the TikTok community’s embrace of the latest food phenomenon—the chamoy pickle kit. This bizarre creation includes the construction of a red chamoy pickle, sweet and tangy Salsaghetti, wrapped in a fruit roll-up, stuffed with Takis, and generously topped with spicy chili seasoning powder and chamoy sauce. The new craze has spice lovers all over the world itching to try this unconventional taste sensation. However, aside from all of the excitement, many people are left with the question: Is it safe to consume?

Health experts, as reported by the Daily Mail, have expressed certain concerns about the possible long term effects to these kits. They have suggested that consuming too much could lead to stomach issues over time with how many chemicals are in all of the items. The primary factors are the kit’s excessive use of food coloring and spice. I certainly believe these kits cannot be beneficial towards anybody’s individual health.

Opinions on the chamoy pickle kit vary, with some people finding it absolutely disgusting while others are absolutely enthralled by the explosion of taste. Influencers and other creators have flooded TikTok with videos showcasing the exact process of assembling these kits, some even using surgical gloves so that their hands won’t stain from the red dye in the chamoy pickle— gross or intriguing? Some users even love it so much, they produce videos each week eating them. 


This trend vividly shows the significant impact that social media has on the world. The influence of platforms like TikTok plays a central role in popularizing unique trends like the chamoy pickle kit phenomenon. It starts with one person creating an experimental meal and turning it into a global sensation. The widespread sharing of videos, recipes, and experiences on these platforms amplifies the number of unique trends that are created, proving the influence that social media holds. The chamoy pickle kit has truly captivated so many people to the point where if you aren’t eating it, you’re watching it. The trend exemplifies the power of online platforms to transform peculiar experiments into a cultural phenomena. 

The social media impact extends beyond just homemade creations, as the kit has become a hot commodity. Small TikTok accounts and major corporations, including Amazon, have seized the moment, offering these kits for purchase at prices ranging from 10 to 30 dollars. What began as a random culinary experiment has evolved into a global sensation, giving pickle and spice lovers a place to be recognized. The Chamoy pickle kit’s global craze is a testament to TikTok’s innovation and influence, showcasing the platform’s ability to turn unique experiments into viral sensations.

3 thoughts on “How The Viral TikTok Chamoy Pickle Kit Has Taken The App By Storm

  1. Hi Carlie!
    Great job on your blog! I want to try the chamoy pickle but I would probably just take a bite and throw it away. The candies have no nutritional value and are extremely processed. I think a big reason why it is so popular is because of the satisfying crunch and big bites people take from it. It seems more like a trend rather than something someone would incorporate into their diet.

  2. Hi Carlie. I loved your blog post! I think it is hilarious how much the chamoy pickle has gone viral and I am so intrigued by it. I think it is the perfect balance of being so bad that its good. What a fun and unique way for influencers and anyone on tik tok to create a funny piece of content that everyone can relate to in some way. “This is weird.” “I want to try this so bad.” “Right? Its so good!”

    Thanks again for sharing this!

  3. Hi Carlie!
    I enjoyed reading your blog post about the chamoy pickle kit trend. I think this trend is so funny because as a kid, I used to eat the Mexican candy, that’s included in the kit, on its own. I don’t think a lot of people knew about those type of candies until the trend started to kick off. I still, till this day, have never had a chamoy pickle kit, but when I’m watching TikTok at night, the pickle kit videos always pop up on my fyp. I guess that’s when a lot of people usually buy the kit because seeing the videos late at night make the pickle kit creation look delicious.

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