October 4, 2023

How to use social media to plan a trip to Europe this summer

By Hannah Smith

As summer quickly approaches, many people are preparing for their European vacation. Planning such a trip can be an exciting yet overwhelming task. As a first-time traveler, someone who wants to seek out stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures, or simply wants to find the cheapest way across Europe, you no longer have to rely on guidebooks and travel agencies. Social media is a powerful tool to curate a memorable itinerary for your vacation goals and budget.  In this blog post, we’ll explore how to leverage TikTok and Instagram to plan an unforgettable European adventure.

Visual Inspiration & Hashtag Usage:

  1. Both TikTok and Instagram are filled with visually captivating content that can ignite your imagination and inspire your travel plans. Utilize hashtags such as #EuropeTravel, #SummerInEurope, and #Wanderlust to discover stunning photos and videos that showcase Europe’s awe-inspiring destinations. Dive into the Explore sections on both platforms to uncover new accounts and influencers who share their European escapades. As you immerse yourself in these visual narratives, save or bookmark posts that resonate with you, creating a personalized vision board for your dream European trip.

Insider Tips and Destination Recommendations:

  1. Beyond visual inspiration, TikTok and Instagram offer an immense amount of insider tips and destination recommendations. Follow travel bloggers, influencers, and experienced travelers who regularly share their European adventures. Many influencers provide in-depth travel guides, highlight lesser-known attractions, and offer valuable insights into transportation, accommodation, and local customs. Additionally, TikTok’s “For You Page” and Instagram’s algorithm often bring about travel-related content based on your preferences, ensuring a tailored feed of European travel recommendations. After one Amsterdam hostel search on TikTok, my entire feed is Amsterdam-related content. 

See how TikTok users are sharing their travel tips and recommendations.

Engaging with Fellow Travelers:

  1. Social media platforms offer an incredible avenue for connecting with fellow travelers who share your passion for European exploration. Engage with the travel community by participating in conversations, asking questions, and sharing your own travel aspirations. By fostering these connections, you can gain valuable firsthand experiences, local recommendations, and even find travel buddies for your European adventure. Always be cautious when engaging with other users and avoid sharing detailed travel information. Europe is a great place for solo traveling and meeting people. 

Gone are the days of solely relying on guidebooks and travel agencies to plan your European getaway. With the power of TikTok and Instagram, you can tap into a vast network of travel inspiration, insider tips, and cultural insights. Embrace these platforms as your digital travel companions, and let them guide you toward a remarkable summer trip to Europe. Happy travels!

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12 thoughts on “How to use social media to plan a trip to Europe this summer

  1. I always see Europe trips on Instagram this time of year, so I think this was definitely a fun subject to look at! Definitely agree that people rely more on influencers as opposed to travel agencies now.

  2. Hi Hannah,
    I loved your niche idea about influencers posting their experience in Europe. I definitely think there has been a rise in traveling in general ever since the pandemic because people haven’t been able to travel for years. It’s interesting that after the long pandemic, it seems everyone was planning the same trip to the same destination. Similar to Europe I have seen a lot of influencers travel to Japan. I wonder why some countries randomly get popular to travel to and why other countries stay quieter. It makes me wonder what will the next dream travel destination be.

  3. Hi Hannah,

    I enjoyed reading this article because the topic is extremely timely. I am leaving on a trip soon and have never considered using hashtags to research travel destinations and experiences. One influencer I follow is this American woman who moved to Italy two years ago. She makes videos exposing tourist traps, crowded destinations and provides alternate activities to aid in a better experience. Thank you for this post! I am sure to use social media in the future when planning activities for my next trip domestic or abroad.

  4. Hi Hannah,
    As someone who is going to Europe this summer this article automatically caught my eye. My favorite section was about insider trips and destination recommendations. I have learned almost everything I know about Europe and different travel hacks due to social media, especially Tik Tok. I think this is a great example of a positive aspect of social media because so many people only focus on the negative.

  5. Hey Hannah! I really enjoyed reading your post! Traveling is one of my biggest passions, so your headline immediately grabbed my attention. I’m even thinking about moving to Spain soon! I find myself scrolling through TikTok for hours just watching videos of cheap travel tips and other stuff like that. I think travel inspiration is endless through TikTok and Instagram.

  6. Hi Hannah!

    I loved this post! I am moving to Spain in the fall and I have been so overwhelmed with where to find advice on where to visit outside of my friends who have been abroad. I never thought to take to TikTok but this is genius. I have been using social media to talk to my roommates for next year which has been really nice. It’s crazy that you can connect with people on the internet that you have never met and become so close and excited about something together. These tips are extremely helpful and I hope more people get a chance to read them.

  7. Hi Hannah,

    I loved your blog post! During this time of the year, I see everyone going someone in Europe and I always wondered how I would plan my trip out. As someone who has a hard time finding things to do, I found this very helpful. The hashtags that you provided where helpful for me because it gave me an idea where to search. Your article was fresh perspective on using social media as a tool and not just a photo sharing platform.

  8. Hi Hannah! I really enjoyed this piece. I find myself relying on social media for all kinds of recommendations on products and now travel. I like how you noted to embrace this platform, as social media is a powerful tool!

  9. Hi Hannah,
    I absolutely loved your idea of utilizing the internets extensive resources to curate personal guidebooks. I agree with you that travel agents and pre-deveoloped plans are out. I feel like this is mostly due to the fact that people tend to like the personal experience of short form video content more than written word. It is easier to picture ones self in an environment when the video is well developed.

  10. Hi Hannah!
    I will be saving this article for when I start planning my trip this summer. I love the idea of going through Tiktok hashtags to learn about what other people are doing. I am going to Budapest and there are a bunch of videos reviewing food, destinations, accommodations, etc. which is really helpful! It feels more authentic than reading an article because I am watching someone actually taste the food or visit the sight. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Hi Hannah!

    Your blog post was very intriguing and I loved it! Being someone who struggles to find interesting activities, I found your post to be helpful. I’m not much of a goer to talk with strangers but knowing that this is what is going to help you in the long-run for your Europe trip is helpful and reassuring to know as well.

  12. Hi Hannah! I loved reading this blog and made some notes for my next travels. I love recommendations and the instagram aesthetic photos are a must. This helps making plans quicker and easier.

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