June 25, 2024

Coastal Cowgirl Deemed Summer of ’23 Aesthetic, and Paige Lorenze is the Blueprint

By Karrigen Hanson

If you’re on Tik Tok you’ve already seen the predictions for Spring and Summer fashion of 2023: Coastal Cowgirl. With 63.4 million views on the app, influencers and the influenced are reaching for the nearest Canadian Tuxedos and cowboy boots.

This trend is a take on last summer’s “coastal granddaughter” aesthetic brought to life by influencer Matilda Djerf—a trend inspired by neutral colors and natural materials a young woman might find herself wearing on vacation to Nantucket. This won’t be the only time Tik Tok influencers will decide a seasonal trend for an entire generation.  The coastal cowgirl aesthetic takes the beloved breezy linens and adds a western-esque twist.

Tik Tok’s it-girl, Paige Lorenze, has spearheaded this aesthetic through her cottage-core content filmed at her home in Vermont and her lifestyle brand Dairy Boy. Dairy Boy focuses on the simple pleasures of a Western summer and encourages its customers to ditch the status quo on fast-paced city living.

Dairy Boy’s inventory is not limited to its drowsy denim washes, floral bedsheets, and distinct candle scents. What stands out about Dairy Boy is the personal touch Lorenze decided to add to her brand. Focusing on family traditions of farm life and practical pieces, Lorenze holds her audience with the lifestyle aspect of her brand.

Enter the Emma Chamberlain Effect. With the concept of virality taking the backburner within the influencer marketing sector, brands are reaching for loyal audiences and authenticity. What sets apart Paige Lorenze and popular influencers alike is content that has something to say, not show off. The candor nature of Dairy Boy makes Lorenze the focal point while strategically placing her products for use throughout her routine. The site features the Dairy Boy Blog with links included to Lorenze’s Youtube channel.

The point of the content is not her income. Of course, not all of us are spending the weekend with our boyfriend at the Miami Open, but a lot of us are spending the weekend at home running errands and organizing our closets. That is the authenticity Lorenze brings to the table. She allows her viewers to relate to her while also sharing certain luxury aspects of her life to keep her audience entertained.

Paige Lorenze brings the coastal cowgirl aesthetic to a whole new level. By incorporating this aesthetic into her wardrobe, home décor, brand and her morals Lorenze has transcended past the tired micro-trends of Tik Tok. If there are any influencers brands and consumers should be keeping an eye on this summer, it is Paige Lorenze.

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Karrigen Hanson is a Junior Public Relations major at the University of Oregon. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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  1. Hi Karrigen! As a fellow lover of Matilda Djerf and Paige Lorenze, I found this read very entertaining. I think you hit the point of coastal cowgirl very well. It is so interesting how someone like Paige Lorenze almost lives a double life with her fashion, but is still seen as the epitome of coastal cowgirl. I am excited to see this summer the takes on coastal cowgirl!

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