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The Importance of Email Marketing

By: Amelia Whitford In today's time, social media platforms have become such a fast moving market for businesses. Platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and more have been a popular tool for companies to use when trying to promote or sell a product to clients. Many companies heavily rely on these platforms to gain engagement from viewers. Social…read more
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The Power of Speaking Up

By: Ofuma Eze-Echesi If something is making you unhappy, hampering your progress, or negatively affecting your quality of life, speak up! Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have provided opportunities for people to speak up and be heard. Chances are you will get a community of supporters or you may lose something big, but what you stand to…read more
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What happens when an Instagram influencer shifts their personal branding?

By Ramsey Sullivan With the rise of social platforms, we’ve also seen the rise of social media influencers. These people have a significant following on platforms, typically Instagram and YouTube, that allow them opportunities to collaborate with brands. These brands will send products for influencers to review, pay them to post about the product or develop a brand partnership. The…read more
Instagram stories for good?
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Instagram stories. Changing social media for good?

by Anna Campbell After taking the social media world by storm in 2018, Instagram stories have remained hot. More and more users are using Instagram stories, attracted by the story telling tool and its inclusion of tech previously banned by the app, including links, polling and cross-platform tools. There are now 500 million daily users of IG stories every day.…read more
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Social Strategy for Brand Management

by Oleene Perera For our final lecture, we had guest speaker Fatemah Fakhraie, Digital Content at Northwest Community Credit Union. She spoke to consumer engagement and developing a voice for the credit union’s newstream. Many of us wondered why a credit union would need a voice. From a brand’s standpoint, any brand needs some measure of control over their news…read more
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Global Social Media – How Airbnb exists in every corner of the world.

By: Nuchwara Youngcharoen We have to admit that social media is part of our daily life and become a platform for almost every activities and information. Let’s take a quick look on global statistic on time spending on social media, according to the We Are Social Digital report 2019, the global average time spend using social media is 2:16 hours.…read more
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Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Written By: Rob Emmett Without question, it's safe to assume that social media has become the primary marketing medium used by organizations, both large and small, to help fulfill its marketing objectives. Especially when teamed with bots like an Instagram Bot for example. Whether it's a Fortune 500 company serving the global market or a local sports team aiming to…read more