Twitter Summary: 2/3/20 Social Media Ethics

By: Mary Edman, Ty Hancock, Brandon Yee & Katie Zurbrick Today during class we discussed social media ethics and the secret to social media success. The biggest way to succeed in usage of social media is to have the users trust. Topics we discussed throughout class: The difference between honesty and sleazery Ghost-bloggingAstroturfingPoor Taste Social MediaHonesty ROI There is a…read more
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Astroturfing on Amazon

By: Penny Barnes According to Big Commerce, "astroturfing has been attempted by online businesses who present a product as being highly desired and sought out by a certain customer base via company-sponsored message board posts, blogs or articles when there is no evidence to support such an assertion." This term plays onto the term “grass roots movement” since the information…read more
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ROInfluencers – When do we know how much they’re worth?

By Connor Nolan Influencer marketing has been praised as a way to communicate a brand’s message to a specific target audience, through a trusted source unique to that of a brand. Individual content creators have amassed social media followings base on their unique style, personality, abilities, and subject-matter expertise. Their credibility in the eyes of their fans makes them the…read more
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What happens when an Instagram influencer shifts their personal branding?

By Ramsey Sullivan With the rise of social platforms, we’ve also seen the rise of social media influencers. These people have a significant following on platforms, typically Instagram and YouTube, that allow them opportunities to collaborate with brands. These brands will send products for influencers to review, pay them to post about the product or develop a brand partnership. The…read more
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The Rise of Influencers

By Hayley Williamson Over the years, we have seen more and more influencers begin to pop up on our social media feed. They cover topics ranging from health and beauty to lifestyle and fitness. With any topic you can think of, you can find an influencer. Across platforms like Instagram and YouTube, they share their lives with us, and viewers…read more

Twitter Summary: January 29, 2020. Influencers

By: Penny Barnes, Hannah Miller, Ramsey Sullivan, Jessica Klockman and Katie Corah In class on Wednesday we discussed the power of influencers. When we think of influencers, we think of people with over 10,000+ followers on Instagram or other social media platforms. Mentioned in class, when we hear the word ‘influencers’ we think of the Kardashian/Jenner family. The topic of…read more

Twitter Management Summary 1/27

On January 27 we ran the class discussion through the Twitter hashtag, #SOJCssm. During this class, we discussed network analysis. We focused mainly on social network analysis. The main points for why this topic should be talked about is to: 1) Identify influential people, 2)understand product recommendations, and 3) understand the content and campaign propagation. Another big takeaway is that…read more