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The Ins and Outs of Content Strategy with Carmen Hill

By Lucia Estrada (@luchia2016), Jordan Hathorne (@JordanHathorne), and Rudy Omri (@rudyomri) This week in Strategic Social Media, Carmen Hill, Director of Marketing at Connective DX, spoke to the class about content marketing strategy. We went through topics such as why it's important to create good content, build strong relationships, and the important skills needed by content marketers. [View the story…read more
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3 Simple Strategies to Build your Brand on Social Media

By: Lucia Estrada In December, Ad Week named top-ten brands that claimed either boomed or busted via social media during the 2014 year. ( As recent as five-years-ago, every brand that wished to appeal and stay relevant to younger audiences wanted a slice of the social media pie. While Facebook lead the frontier for brand representation in social media, Twitter is easily…read more
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Social Media Analytics: What Story Do They Tell?

By: Michael Eiden Social media analytics have become an important tactic for businesses to analyze its social media practices. This is an excellent way for businesses to see if its current social media strategy is doing well, and what they made need to improve on in the future. The question is: what story does social media analytics tell? Using analytics can…read more

Censorhip, Bots and an Internet Troll Army, OH MY!

By: Sasha Martczyanov Last week, we had the pleasure of having Anna Kluyeva lead the lecture in our Strategic Social Media class. As students living in the United States, our social media experience is much different than young adults living in countries with high censorship of internet content, like Kluyeva’s home country Russia. Anna Kluyeva was generous enough to shed…read more
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How to Audit with William Crane

By: Danielle Horn, Deanna Borocz and Alysia Kezerian In class on Tuesday, we all were able to hear from the wonderful William Crane, a skilled strategist, writer and editor with over 14 years of professional experience specifically in digital media, professional writing and journalism. Because of Crane’s expertise in creating and gathering information for audits, the conversation was valuable gaining…read more
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Audits in the social media sphere

By: Jaira Chaffee Social Media Audits are essential in determining the success of a social media network or presence. The reason for this is because an audit conducts an examination into the intentions and management of social media. What does it mean to have a successful social media account?  Whether you are a business or an individual, an optimized social…read more