April 19, 2024

How TikTok is used to talk about Racism

By: Alina Williams

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Discussed in this podcast is how the users of the platform TikTok utilizes the app to discuss, show, and debate the issue of racism. Creators use the video app to express their experiences or opinions about racism. Bringing light to different institutions, such as private religious schools that have strict beliefs against marginalized groups. Like a group that calls themselves the “Black Meneces” on TikTok. Some creators show what microaggression looks like to those who have never dealt with being judged on their skin on a daily basis. TikTok has been a large role in the activism that has come up in the 2022 year. Videos that may not get the virality that they would on other social media platforms get the attention that they need. Below are links to the articles referenced in this podcast.

Using TikTok to document attitudes in the LDS Church:


This TikTok Star Is Turning the Tables on Microaggressions:


Does TikTok Have A Race Problem?: 


5 thoughts on “How TikTok is used to talk about Racism

  1. Alina,
    I find this topic to be a really sensitive one because I have come across many influencer on my Tik Tok who hid behind their screens in order to say racist comments without repercussions. I think that there is some power in the activism seen on Tik Tok who openly educate others and talk about issues of race segregation. Other the other hand, jokes are posted by clueless individuals who do not realize what their words may mean to a different demographic.

  2. Racist comments have always been in social media. I am glad that people are more open to educate about racism and to snuff these type of people out. Yes tik tok can educate and sway people on how to not be racist or say racist things, however it can also be a platform that has racist comments that will be uplifted by other racist people. This is the open world of social media.

  3. I really enjoyed hearing your perspective on this. It is also a breadth of fresh air, seeing you do it in a podcast setting. I enjoyed what you had to say and agreed with what you had to talk about. Great work.

  4. I really liked how you did this with a podcast. It was a really new and unique way to express what you were thinking and feeling. Social media is a hard place to monitor anyways but especially when it comes to racist comments because with one comes a handful and TikTok is an app used by billions. However, I agree with what you had to say in terms of TikTok and it’s goal at creating more open and honest conversation surrounding racist comments.

  5. Honestly, I have seen much racism on Tik Tok. A Chinese girl uploaded a video about playing a traditional Chinese instrument on Tik Tok. The music is beautiful, and the video is taken by her mom, and her mom was so proud of her. However, in the comment area, people who have listened to TalkShows about Chinese jokes made a lot of negative effects on the comment. The girl is lucky because the account is arranged by her mom, what if she has read those comments? I cannot imagine how the little girl reacts to those posts. Consciousness, people! Where is your consciousness?

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