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Influencers are EVERYWHERE!

By Hannah Miller As social media platforms continue to grow in 2020, influencer marketing will keep on evolving. Influencers have become a fundamental marketing strategy for many brands, and will continue to help brands in connect with their public in relatable ways. In 2020, just being famous will not be enough for brands. Brands desire influencers that will have an…read more
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Ethics in Advertising: How Far is Too Far?

By: Molly Kavanaugh The Super Bowl is the advertising industry's biggest stage of the year and with that, brands must put forward their best marketing strategies. As a staple of American culture, Super Bowl commercials attract audiences from all over the nation, and the world. Some brands disregard all ethical issues simply to make a statement with their commercial. There…read more
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ROInfluencers – When do we know how much they’re worth?

By Connor Nolan Influencer marketing has been praised as a way to communicate a brand’s message to a specific target audience, through a trusted source unique to that of a brand. Individual content creators have amassed social media followings base on their unique style, personality, abilities, and subject-matter expertise. Their credibility in the eyes of their fans makes them the…read more
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The End of Interruption Marketing – How Building an Effective Inbound Strategy Will Better Attract and Retain Consumers

By: Ben Cooke Interruption marketing, a term used to describe tactics that work only if they interrupt you to get your attention, is having much less of an impact on consumers at converting sales. According to Double Click, “Banner or sidebar ads are clicked on an average of only 0.2%,” and with good reason. Ads are often annoying as they disrupt…read more
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Youtubers and Social Monitoring

By Molly Garcia Youtube is a social media platform where creators make and upload videos for people watch. Since the beginning of Youtube, there have been creators who have gained popularity, so much so that they become somewhat of a celebrity. Today, in 2020, there are tons of people who maintain their lifestyles by creating and uploading videos to Youtube…read more
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Parental Monitoring vs. Spying

By Caitlin Wahlers I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who is the father of two teenagers. Initially, he was recounting a few tales of their most recent antics, but then the conversation turned towards internet safety and parental monitoring. As a former Health Educator for adolescents, I have observed in real-time the evolving relationship between teenagers and…read more
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Memes: Evolutionary Genetics and Centuries of Culture

by Drew Hanson All pervasive and ever-present, memes are a cornerstone of current popular culture. But how do these ideas take root and spread? Beginning with understanding the similarity between evolutionary genetics and memetic spread and the significance memes have played throughout history can help us appreciate the potential for meme virality.   @memecrashes Although most familiar in its graphic with…read more
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Have You Analyzed Your Social Networks, Lately?

By Shelley Smith Network Literacy is becoming an increasingly needed skill in our highly connected age. NetSciEd released an infographic-type brochure that “provides and initial step toward facilitating the development of network literacy.”  This got me thinking about my own social network use, information silos and critical thinking. As a self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warrior” I have curated my social media…read more
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Anatomy of a Movement: the power behind the #MeToo collective experience

By Kristin Schlotterbeck After reading through the Pew Research Center’s mapping of Twitter topic networks, I was curious to compare a few other network maps and was shocked at what I found.  NodeXL, the same mapping application used by the Pew Research Center, maintains an ongoing open-source graph gallery, filled with maps of all sorts of data sets users have…read more