May 21, 2024

Embracing Reels to Gain Success

By Bailey Peters

I have been working on increasing followers for an account I run for my college house, the Trinity house, for the last two years. While it is important to target post messages and themes through photo and video posts, I have been able to gain a much larger audience through Instagram Reels. For example, one of my friends posted from our shared account to post our take on a trend called “Locked or Unlocked” where people see if cars have been locked or are open for people to get in to. 

@thetrinityhouse Instagram Reel that did very well that broadened reach and awareness.

Reels are similar to a TikTok style video where users can post videos with comedy or music videos. These reels provide creative content and allow businesses to grow engagement. Instagram has a reel page which is different from the following page so that users can discover new videos from accounts they typically don’t follow. Overall It has found that reels receive an impactful and distinguishable more engagement than a regular video post. It is important to recognize this statistic and realize that businesses can utilize reels to increase engagement. 

In the video trend “Locked or Unlocked”, my friend Amanda was able to test the equivalent boy college house to partner up by tagging their accounts and the reach has been very impressive and out of the ordinary for the Trinity Instagram account. Normally, reels and posts on the account get roughly three thousand views and this reel has a reach of over 22 thousand accounts and 34 thousand views. It is the most liked post on the account and has generated more followers from the specific post than any other before. 

The important things to remember when creating a reel are to be authentic and bring the personality of the brand to view. To edit a reel, put together video clips that tell a story or will show users something that will be visually pleasing and produce views. Another part that will benefit a reel post is having music or ambience. 

I recommend making a reel with a montage of videos that show an event or what are daily habits that will encourage engagement from new Instagram users or brand outreach. Even just increasing awareness of a brand or company is beneficial and can turn into a wider range of followers and audience so it is important to present reels that represent what the account’s messages and themes. 

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  1. Bailey, your success with Instagram Reels for the Trinity house account is inspiring! The “Locked or Unlocked” trend clearly demonstrates the potential of reels to drive engagement and expand reach. Your tips on authenticity and storytelling resonate, emphasizing the importance of connecting with audiences genuinely. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights!

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