For The Love of Dogs

Written by: Lauren Cheever Every year on Valentine's Day, singles are plagued by reminders of their relationship status. Advertisements and social media posts are rampant with happy couples and messages of love, leading to a lot of people feeling left our and lonely. This Valentine's Day, you can see advertisements that cater to experiences and emotions of those who are…read more
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Micro Scamming

By Sara Espinosa A couple of months ago, I was approached by a fashion brand on Instagram to “become an ambassador.” It was rather simple. They would offer 30% commission for every purchase made with my ambassador code and all I had to do was buy something from their store 50% off and tag them on a picture, which they…read more
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To Blog or Not to Blog…

by Lizz Wells When preparing for a recent job interview, I was blown away when the organization emailed the list of interview questions a few days in advance. This was major, and while working through the questions I was struck by one of the last ones, ”What are two things that you would do to enhance the design of the…read more
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Promoting globally, only through social media

Written by: Tyler Lima The Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC, is a music festival that takes place in many countries around the world. EDC takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; Mexico City, Mexico; Chiba, Japan; Shanghai, China and more. To promote their events, they don’t create television commercials or pay for advertising spots online. The company promotes themselves…read more

Instagram’s Removal of Likes and What That Means for Brands

By: Anushka Pawashe In the past few months, Instagram has taken initiatives to hide likes for a subset amount of its users. Instagram is still testing this new feature as a way to combat mental health concerns in teens. Instagram’s chief Adam Mosseri stated that the idea behind the initiative was to lessen competition for popularity and make Instagram a…read more
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Twitter Summary 3/9/20: Content Creation & Content Calendars

By: Chad Orras, Amelia Whitford, Dani Gomez, Yujun Mei, & Anthony Ebel At the beginning of class today, two undergraduate students within the Journalism school came to speak briefly about a project they are currently working on. The team is headed to the Bateman Case Competition to represent the University of Oregon. In this project, they are focusing on promoting…read more
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The Importance of Email Marketing

By: Amelia Whitford In today's time, social media platforms have become such a fast moving market for businesses. Platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and more have been a popular tool for companies to use when trying to promote or sell a product to clients. Many companies heavily rely on these platforms to gain engagement from viewers. Social…read more
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Simple Tools for Designing Eye-catching Email Campaigns

By Dani Gomez - @danixelisa How often do you actually click on a link within a promotional email and purchase something? If you're like most Americans, probably somewhat rarely. You're familiar, then, with what comes next: an influx of "Did you forget something?" and "GET 'EM BEFORE THEY'RE GONE" abandoned cart emails. Sure, these are pretty effective in getting a…read more