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In retrospect, it was too good to be true. 

By: Victoria Schmidt  The first chartered jet began its decent on the island of Great Exuma’s aquamarine water on April 27, 2017. Elite millennials, eagerly anticipating the ultra-luxurious “Coachella in the Bahamas,” arrived at the white sandy beaches only to find complete chaos. They had fallen for perhaps the biggest scam of the year. Promised rock bands, private villas, celebrity…read more
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Super Fans

"Holy crap, you are creepy as shit. Sneaking up on me wearing that collar with that freaky ass smile." - Negan My name is Anyssa Guzman and I'll be honest. I'm a super fan of the television show, "The Walking Dead". I've seen every season, read the comics, quoted it like no other and this past weekend I attended Walker…read more
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If Your Friends Jump off a Cliff, Would You Do It Too?

Kaitlin-Ann Mulligan @KaitlinAnnCM On January 16 during a late night poll created by Eric Larriva fifty percent of students who voted on the poll were eager to learn about what dictates society's social norms. What the students later found out the next day during Wednesday's lecture was that the mob mentality (also referred to as the heard mentality) is ever…read more
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#SOJCssm Class Dismissed

By: Cydney Chelberg (@cydneycay)   Congratulations #SOJCssm, we survived another winter term! I would like to give a big thank you to professor Kelli Matthews (@kmatthews) and to all of my fellow students for making the cold, rainy Monday mornings less painful with engaging strategic social media talk and a highly entertaining, GIF-filled Twitter feed. For reference, in case you…read more
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How to Manage a Crisis

Dominic Black, @dominic_black7 There are very few things that are certain in life. One of which is the fact that unexpected things happen all the time. Whether it is a fender bender, sickness or even death, it is impossible to know exactly what your next day on Earth will look like. In the PR world we call these unexpected events…read more
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Week 10: Twitter Management Summary

Justin Goettsch (Twitter) & Sean Thornberry (Twitter) On March 13, Carri Bugbee, an internationally recognized expert in social media, joined our J480/580 class and shared her thoughts on how to effectively plan for social media. Carri has presented social media marketing strategies at conferences and events around the world, including the AllFacebook Expo, Social Media Week Toronto, Nordic Game, The…read more