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Clients needed to work with smarty pants student teams

You: A company or organization with and active social media presence -- two or more active social media accounts with a total number of fans, friends or followers over 5,000. Me: A senior instructor in the School of Journalism & Communication at the University of Oregon with 20 teams of students eager to do social media research. Winter quarter (mid-January…read more
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Personas Personalized

By: Kelly Thackery Today's blog post features a strategic social media podcast on how to create effective marketing personas in the B2C marketing space. Highlights of this podcast include a brief introduction to esteemed author and B2B marketing professional Amber Naslund as well as some awesome B2C tips, tricks and tools from University of Oregon's own Doug Wilson. Podcast link:…read more
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Oh, the Humanity

Taylin Minnaert A luxury I get from writing this post at the end of the term is the curriculum knowledge from our past 10 weeks of class. I have been reflecting on this winter term and the various skills we learned in #sojcssm throughout it. For one, I think I am physically incapable of writing "sojcssm" without placing a hashtag…read more
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Zillow: Social Media Superstar

authors: Erich Aguillon, Grieta King, Samantha Nadel, Case Powell and Jeanne Schneider On Wednesday, March 14 we welcomed Grant Gurewitz (UO ’13, @GrantGurewitz) and Ahva Pakzadan (UO ’16, @theahva), Marketing Manager and Social Media Coordinator at Zillow Group to speak about Zillow’s social media strategy. Grant highlighted many of the concepts we have been discussing in class this term. One of the…read more
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Constructing Your Persona

By: Lola Butcher Constructing Your Persona Photo: Lola Butcher When it comes to personas the possibilities are endless. Building a persona, or multiple in this case, to epitomize your business is a key component to humanizing your brand and making it more relatable in order to represent your audience. In order to make an effective persona, the following elements are…read more
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Creating Personas and B2B Marketing: Know Your Target Audience

  Authors: Sophia Meyer, Ali O'Shaughnessy, Celine De Clercq, Parker Doyle   On Monday’s class, we had the pleasure of speaking with two professionals, Doug Wilson and Amber Naslund. Doug is a Senior Instructor of Marketing here at the U of O and the founder of DL Wilson Consulting, and Amber is a B2B tech marketing executive based in Chicago,…read more
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Building Personas

By: Aaron De Ocampo What is your persona? In terms of creating personas you will need the following: research, analyze & survey data for personas demographics, behavior, lifestyle product use start constructing your personas name and define situation and attitude. Check out this great article I found on UX Booth about creating personas by Eeva Llama.  There are two points…read more
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Brand Persona: Mini Case Study

By Marisa L Biggins It’s always refreshing when you’ve taken a course that carries over to relevant topics in a new one. As a former student of Doug Wilson’s Marketing Strategy class and Katie Mercurio Brand Strategy, brand persona is something that I know all too well (plug: Highly recommend you take their classes if you can). Doug is absolutely…read more