June 25, 2024

How to Choose an influencer that is Right for your Company

By: Alex Michaels

An influencer is very important into gaining traction for companies as we have seen throughout the history of advertising. In this time period especially with how much social media has changed our lives and how the world works, influencers are part of and have created a big part of this change.

Step 1: Define your companies goals

By defining your companies goals one can see what the company wants to accomplish. This will not just help the overall strategy of the company, but will also show the management and advertising team a look into what they can do to gain traction and engagement with their users. Choosing an influencer takes time and by defining want your company wants out of their business can help make the process easier to find and choose the right influencer.

Step 2: Define your Target Market

Your target market and audience will help you decide what kind of influencer you will need to get to get the best results. The target market will not want to listen to influencer that does not have their interests in mind.

Step 3: See what Social Media platform needs the most help

Every company is different and has different needs and wants out of their social media platforms. Some companies need to re-strategize their social media and go for the more recent social media platforms with the younger audiences to gain more engagement.

Step 4: choose if you want a local or more broad influencer

Depending on the type of a company a local influencer might be better if the company is small and has values of community engagement and community outreach. If its a bigger company, they would not just have the money and resources to get a bigger influencer, but also the need for one since they need to reach a larger target market.

Step 5: Choose your Influencer

After going through all of the steps above your company would be ready to choose the influencer that would best represent their goals, values and target audience. The influencer your company chooses will not just represent those three things, but be a face of the company. As a face of the company they will have to not have anything negative that comes back to hurt you as a company. The inlfuencer that you choose will help gain traction and engagement to help your company grow its members and all around.

6 thoughts on “How to Choose an influencer that is Right for your Company

  1. Alex, great blog! Very insightful information you presented, that’s useful for big and small companies. I like how you structured it step-by-step. There were a few grammar and spelling errors, but besides that, it was an easy read. I like how you incorporated what we learned from class and working with our clients into your blog! Reading it made me want to learn about an example of when an influencer didn’t best represent a company, and what the consequences were.

  2. Hi Alex!
    Thank you for a brief and concise run-down on a topic that can be difficult for many companies to navigate. I think it also aligns well with the course and the things we learned this term! I think many companies would find this as a helpful tool to refer back to when seeking social media ambassadors/influencers for their company.

  3. Hey Alex,
    I totally agree with your approach of looking for the right influencer for your company. Many times an influencer will help draw in a larger crowd but making sure that crowd is the one you want is also important. We can think of influencers as sorts of tools and getting the right tool for the job is important.

  4. Hi Alex! I think this post does a great job of providing tips to help businesses choose the influencer they want to partner with. It’s really important to think a lot about who you are choosing and why you are choosing them before you take action to make sure you’re making the right choice for your company.

  5. Hi Alex! I really enjoyed reading your article. The five steps you chose were perfect for the type of article you wrote. I appreciate how clear and precise you were with each section, making sure to cover the key points of each step. I also think that step four is crucial in choosing the right influencer for your company. Great work!

  6. Hi Alex! I thought your article was very engaging and beneficial for smaller brands. I think chosing the right influencer can be a tricky situation, but the steps you laid out were approachable for students and smaller brands. The first two steps are always the most important in my opinion as it narrows down one’s search.

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