July 23, 2024

The Iconic Fender Quality: An AI Campaign

By Matt Ritchey


Fender guitars are one of the most recognizable brands in the music industry. Fender has been leading guitar manufacturing since its founding in 1943. The brand is synonymous with rock ‘n roll and is well known for its iconic-looking Stratocasters.

Fender already has a great digital strategy. They are on all major social media platforms and have even started creating their own apps for educational purposes. Fender wants to increase their market by having more people continue playing guitar after they start. Over 90% of people who start playing guitar give it up within the first year. Keeping people playing will increase their sales exponentially.

While Fender has phenomenal brand awareness, for this campaign, I wanted to bring Fender back to its roots and showcase how each guitar is meticulously crafted and the time and energy it takes.


Prompt: An electric guitar on a table. A man is standing behind working on a guitar with tools. There should be sawdust on the red guitar.

Caption: When you’re playing a Fender, details matter. That’s why each Fender guitar is crafted by hand for you. #fender #quality # guitar

Prompt: A closeup image of a man’s hands while playing an electric guitar at a concert.

Caption: Quality means everything to us which is why we design each guitar perfectly for you. #fender #concerts

Prompt: a red electric guitar lying next to an amplifier

Caption: Whether you are looking for an amp or a guitar, Fender has you covered with the quality you can feel. #qualityyoucanfeel #guitarandamp


I used Adobe Firefly for my AI images, and they turned out really well. Most AI image generators have a hard time making images look lifelike, especially with people. It did take me a long time to be able to get the right images that I wanted but it was worth it because Firefly is a really good generator tool. Using AI will become a demanded skill pretty soon so being able to use prompts effectively Is something that is useful, even when they take a long time to do. The fingers that were generated look like real fingers which is something that I found very surprising.


I would recommend everyone to try Firefly, it is really easy to use and can do so many things beyond generation images. It has generative fill and many other tools. Since AI is becoming more popular, being able to effectively generate images with prompts is a skill that will be very valuable.

3 thoughts on “The Iconic Fender Quality: An AI Campaign

  1. Hi Matt, great work. I thought your insights about the Firefly platform were very informative. Personally, I have never used that platform for AI images but I definitely have to check it out. Your images are super detailed and seem to represent your campaign idea really well. I also completely agree that knowing how to use AI is a very important skill to have, especially today.

  2. Hi Matt, this is an awesome AI Campaign. You really have me agree when you mention that any job recruiters will be searching for people who are able to use prompts to produce images accurately. This is something you can see from courses offered on campus, which means it will most likely be implemented to many career paths. Great work!

  3. Hi Matt, these are great images! I love that your captions are short and sweet with the use of hashtags. My only concern is that the guitar player has 4 fingers. Otherwise, I would never suspect these are AI generated posts just scrolling through my feed. I’ll definitely check out Adobe Firefly.

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