June 25, 2024

How-To Post the “Right Things” on Instagram

By Jade Anaya

I’m sure you’re wondering why anyone would publish a how-to guide on posting the right things on Instagram– let alone define what a “right” or “wrong” type of post is. But the truth is, we all have an idea of the perfect post, or a guideline of maybe what we should or shouldn’t be posting, for the sake of others. During a time where social media controls and influences trends, consumption and illusions– it’s important to remain authentic to your brand and to yourself, not to succumb to some of the falsehoods of social media. Join me as I walk you through a step by step process, focusing on the importance of self-establishment; confidence; celebrities and idolization; and meanings of true success.

Step 1: Breaking Boundaries

Before tapping into the true right and wrong Instagram posts– you must scratch what you know about Instagram posting. Maybe it’s that you can’t show your personality, or you can– but with a grain of salt. Maybe it’s that you have to post more like one influencer or another, because they get a lot of likes. Whatever it may be, just throw it out, because we’re starting from square one.

Step 2 To Posting Right: Building a Solid Foundation

Before you can be publicly authentic, you must be authentic on the inside. Think about your passions, your goals, what  keeps you going, your values, your mantras, belief systems– who you are beyond any physical aspect. Covering all of your bases establishes a good foundation,  strengthening your knowledge of who you are. Note: this step isn’t for you to define yourself– rather what makes you, you, in this moment!

Why is this step important? Because we are media consumers, and sometimes media we consume can dictate our originality, desires, beliefs and values without us even realizing. Having a solid foundation makes it easier to shield ourselves from some of the illusions we witness on social media.


After you feel solid in your own self perception– reassure yourself in your uniqueness. Embrace imperfection. I’ve found it helpful to have mantras that reassure me in the ways I need when I’m feeling down on myself or especially vulnerable to the media I consume on Instagram.

Waist-up portrait of a handsome stylish young Caucasian man looking at himself in the mirror Stock Image

Embracing your uniqueness and feeling comfortable in it allows you to break away from any “right” or “wrong” perceptions regarding social media. What is right is what is real.

Step 3: Praising False Idols

We’re all a victim to idolization; whether it be celebrities, micro influencers, tiktokers, micro celebrities, etc. Whoever they may be– check in with yourself. Does their content play a healthy role in who you are? Do they inspire you? Do they bring something sufficient to the table? Now that you’ve checked in on yourself after the first step, this should be easy. Steer clear from following anyone you catch yourself comparing to– comparison is the theft of joy.

Remember: What is right is what is real, and what is real is you.

Tip: When thinking about who you follow on Instagram, think about why you follow them and what purpose they serve. It’s easy to compare someone else’s engagement to your own, adding to the illusion that there is a “right” and “wrong” social media presence.

Why is this step important? Because what we see on Instagram is what we absorb and begin to shape our thoughts around. Sometimes you’ll find there are people you follow that you don’t really even align with, yet they’ve been shaping how you see yourself, the world, social media, etc., this whole time.

Even though some of this is just the tip of the iceberg, I hope it provided you with insight on social media incentives as a whole. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what is right, what works and what is successful– as defined by others. But in a world where social media controls our trends, our beliefs, our desires, etc, remaining authentic is the key to success. So, how do you post the right Instagram post, you may ask? The answer is to stop trying to post what is right, and to post what is you, what is real.

3 thoughts on “How-To Post the “Right Things” on Instagram

  1. Jade, I enjoyed reading your post. I always struggle with posting the “right things” on social media. This post is a great guide on figuring out what to post. I am one to try and follow the trends and make my version better than what I am seeing. I like how you said ‘what is right is what is real, and what is real is you.” Social media can be so hard to navigate. I think by taking your advice and building a solid foundation, people can stay on the right track to posting right!

  2. Jade, your guide offers a refreshing take on navigating Instagram’s pressures with authenticity and self-awareness. Emphasizing the importance of breaking boundaries, building a solid foundation, and reassessing our social media consumption, you advocate for posting what is real rather than conforming to external standards. Your insights serve as a valuable reminder to prioritize authenticity in a world often dominated by illusions.

  3. Hi Jade! I love this insight on how to make the perfect Instagram post. Trying to discern what are the right pictures, and are not, is something that many people find difficult about social media, but keeping your page about you is the best way to be genuine and show everyone your true self through the internet. Great tips and great work, love the photo choices!

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