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Using Social Media to Spread Awareness of the Anthropocene

By: Josh Hoffman   The Anthropocene, which is not a common term for many, is an expression for how humans interact with the Earth’s geology and ecosystems. In today’s society, the Anthropocene is becoming a more and more common term because of the way us humans are treating our globe. Due to exponential population growth, we currently have more than…read more
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What You Need To Know About Social Media Analytics

By: Sierra Goodman Social media analytics is a measuring tool that helps professionals monitor their digital audience and performance. Analytics allows them to see what strategies work and what strategies don’t in order to use the platforms as efficiently as possible. Reading and understanding these numbers can be a bit daunting and difficult to interpret. As rising PR professionals, social…read more
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Improving Content Quality: Strategic Tips for iPhone Videography

By: Rita Herbstman When developing social media strategy, it is important to make sure your brand is posting quality content that followers can easily digest. Even though there are thousands of free available high-quality stock content available online, it is always best to incorporate your own work within your posts. This past summer, I studied abroad in London and took…read more
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Reaching Post-Millennials in Advertising: Checking-in with Instagram

By: Céline De Clercq In the process of covering reach, engagement, and boosting ads this week in class, I’ve taken a particular interest in Instagram advertising. Instagram’s easy to use interface makes it one of the most popular social media interfaces for youth, and one that adults have an equally easy time getting into. Its photo-based platform is fun, quick,…read more
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The Power of Facebook Ads in the Digital Age

By: Kelsey Scott Think that Facebook has reached its demise? Well, think again.       The apparent “death” of Facebook has been greatly exaggerated, as the site continues to position itself overtop every other social media platform in terms of overall use and current active users. With a staggering 2.13 billion active monthly users worldwide, Facebook remains the most popular social…read more
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Tips For The Nervous SOJC Graduate: Creating Your Portfolio and Preparing For Interviews

  Author: Sophia Meyer (Twitter @sophiaameyer)   Recently, I took a workshop instructed by Connie Chandler that was aimed to help students prepare for their PR portfolio review. Whether you’re a PR major or not, there were many lessons taught in this workshop that all journalism majors can benefit from as they prepare for job interviews and graduation. What follows…read more
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Oh Metrics, You’re so Vain!

Author: Jesse Walker LinkedIn: Stop me if you’ve heard this before, “Data-driven decision making”. Or how about this one? “Insights-focused”. Ooooh, buzzwords! Don’t get me wrong, I love data and it’s definitely a best practice to make decisions based on data and insight. However, I believe there is a fine line between the right data and data that is…read more
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Conquering the Social Media Audit; One Bucket and Data Point at a Time

By: Kayla Henderson-Wood, Lauren Muniz, Kurtis Copper and Lola Butcher On Wednesday Kelli Matthews gave a class demonstration on how she would present a professional social media audit to her clients. The example we studied was a website for a real estate company who wanted to better understand its media engagement and improve its tactics. The class discussed how millennials felt…read more