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Meltwater, Melting our Minds! Twitter Management Team: January 24, 2019

By: Elyssa Dziwak, Kendall Kriska, Emily Gibson and Isabella Conferti As a team, we knew we would primary be discussing the tool Meltwater in class, and also receiving our assigned clients for our social media project. We chose to tweet out case study examples that Meltwater has been a part of as well as key materials and directions that were…read more
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Connecting to Audiences with Big Data and Core Values

By: Bodie Crist During his guest lecture last week, Dave Markowitz discussed the potential applications of big data and how it could influence the way that brands interact with their audiences. Big data is the collection and application of information representing large and diverse audiences. This information has become available as a direct result of the digital revolution, and because…read more
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Recruiting with AI

By Nikki Heaston This week our class was introduced to Frrole DeeperSense. Frrole specializes in building the social web that can provide clients with predictive consumer insight. DeeperSense is a product of Frrole that offers “Intelligent Hiring.” The sub-heading on DeeperSense’s main webpage reads “Hire smarter and faster using AI-built candidate profiles.” The process is simple: enter a job candidate’s…read more

The Weight of Your Words: Twitter Summary for January 22, 2019

By Lexi Naone, Iyanna Soltero, Mary Osborne, and Ryan Robledo Tuesday’s class introduced Dave Markowitz (@davemarkowitz31), assistant professor at UO and former Stanford and Cornell alum, as the guest speaker for our Strategic Social Media course. His discussion revolved around the idea of the words we use on social media platforms and the weight that they hold. He first asked…read more
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Is ‘National Data Privacy Day’ that important?

By Julianne Spencer | Student Posts | January 24, 2018 The next “National Data Privacy Day” is this Monday January 28, and apparently is an international holiday that’s celebrated here in the U.S., but also in 50 other countries as well. More individuals, businesses, babies, and puppies are penetrating social networks than ever before, but in this rapid growth, raising…read more
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So You’re Using Social Media, But are You Listening to it?

By Jake Willard The world of social media sometimes feels like a content monster. It craves creative content and rewards those who can post unique or visually appealing photos, videos, audio, graphics, copy, memes, or any crazy combination of these pieces of multimedia. With such high demands for creative content, it is common for people to put all their effort…read more
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Twitter v. Hart

By: Rylee Marron The internet will never be erased. The content that we all create whether it’s published or saved anywhere can always be found. Our old embarrassing MySpace profiles can come back to haunt us. Our selfies can show up with a fast search. But what about our public thoughts? Comedian Kevin Hart, 39, recently experienced the troubles that…read more
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Has Social Media Prompted Civic Engagement or Emphasized the “Spiral of Silence?”

By: Jessica Murray Everyone has an opinion.  Everyone has a stake in some political stance or another, everyone feels passionate about some social happenings and apathetic about others.  This has been the case since people gathered around ancient Greek philosophers, since the idea of democracy dawned on civilizations and since the discovery of newspapers.  Now, we see these passions and…read more