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Building Your Brand In Social Virtual Worlds

By: Natalie Stone Dr. Donna Davis, the Director of the University of Oregon’s Strategic Communication Master's Program made a visit to the SOJC Strategic Social Media course this past Tuesday. She shared both her experience at the Oregon Reality Lab and how virtual communities have changed her life. As social media and technology continue to grow at a rapid rate,…read more
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Content That Does Good

By: Madelyn Dwyer There seems to be a lot of recent discussion about the negative effects that can come from social media. Shining light on this issue is important; however, it is equally important to examine how social media can be a force for good. Social media gives people from all corners of the globe the ability to connect and…read more

What is Reality?

By: Holly Walden Virtual reality has moved from gaming niche to a technology that is applicable to many different fields. From education to the medical field, virtual reality is making strides in changing how we live our lives. First off, I am incredibly skeptical of virtual reality. I do not game and I do not like spending too much time…read more
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Podcasts – Building an Army One Episode at a Time

By: Ian Burleigh It's an interesting world of entertainment that we live in, today. Between Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, a myriad of other streaming services, and good ole' fashioned TV, we find that the majority of our entertainment is delivered via screen. When our eyes aren't glued to a screen, we often find ourselves with headphones on, drowning out the outside…read more
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The Power of Storytelling

By: Erin Joo Storytelling is an asset that brands can utilize to differentiate itself from its competitors. How can a brand stand out through all the clutter and noise? Why will a consumer choose your brand over the similar brand sitting right next to it on the shelf? Purchase decisions between products of identical quality and price can be swayed…read more
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Virtual Reality – The Possibilities are Endless

By: Colton Schang Most often when we think of virtual reality it involves throwing on a headset and entering into a world that has never been seen before. Worlds, creatures, colors and sounds that are new and intriguing. Or maybe experiencing something through the eyes of another, similar to the Samsung experience I had a few months ago in NYC.…read more
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Winning Strategy: How NBA Teams Can Successfully Leverage “NBA Twitter”

By: Tom Bridger If you're like me, you use social media to keep up with your favorite athletes, teams, and the nightly gold mine that is "NBA Twitter". The Washington Post recently summarized NBA Twitter in an incredibly apt description: "A sports bar that doesn't close, where the stars pull up a seat next to you". The phenomena that is…read more
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Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Written By: Rob Emmett Without question, it’s safe to assume that social media has become the primary marketing medium used by organizations, both large and small, to help fulfill its marketing objectives. Especially when teamed with bots like an Instagram Bot for example. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company serving the global market or a local sports team aiming to…read more
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Celebrity Gossip and Social Media

By: Carly Grossman Social media fuels the fire when it comes rumors or celebrity gossip. For example, all of my social media platforms have been blowing up with the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson scandal. This incident has escalated through the power of social media.  For those of you who do not know, Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s best friend, was said…read more