June 25, 2024

NASCAR And It’s Instagram Success

By Andrew Giba

Social media is crucial for sports organizations to become successful. Being able to connect with fans and produce quality content raises brand awareness and will be beneficial in the long run. NASCAR has done this through their Instagram. NASCAR has successfully used Instagram to connect with fans and grow its brand through content strategy, creative designs and behind the scenes action.

NASCAR post their Instagram content primarily on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. This is because a vast majority of their events are held on the weekend and by posting on Mondays, this gives their followers the opportunity to catch up on what they might have missed. NASCAR can sometimes not be very entertaining to some viewers. To combat this, NASCAR makes sure to only post the most thrilling parts of the race.

NASCAR also does a good job of keeping their audience engaged through their creative designs. NASCAR is celebrating their 75th anniversary and throughout the season, they’ve created tribute posts to who they deemed were the top 75 greatest drivers in NASCAR. Every few weeks they made a nicely designed post for each driver, doing a good job showcasing how important they were to the sport. NASCAR also temporarily changed their logo to a diamond as part of their 75th anniversary celebration. Posts that feature the winners of each race as well as many others, feature a diamond-like background or a gleam effect to reinforce how special this year is to them.

Many of their Instagram posts feature behind the scenes action with the players. Fans are always curious to find out what the players are like outside of their work or what goes on while they are in the middle of a race. NASCAR does a good job with this by posting mic’d up moments of the drivers, POVs of what the driver’s view in the car is and interviews. What is pretty surprising is the fact that NASCAR posts videos of crashes during the race and some violent altercations between drivers, especially when those things are frowned upon in NASCAR.

In conclusion, NASCAR has done a fantastic job promoting itself through Instagram. Even though it is not one of the four major American sports, they always find material worth posting that will keep their audience engaged and make them relevant. Especially for this season about how they are celebrating their 75th anniversary, NASCAR does an amazing job of being continuous and strategically following a theme.

2 thoughts on “NASCAR And It’s Instagram Success

  1. I was captivated by this blog post about NASCAR and its Instagram success. You skillfully delved into the strategies and tactics employed by NASCAR to cultivate a thriving presence on the platform. It was fascinating to learn about the innovative content ideas, engaging storytelling techniques, and the effective use of behind-the-scenes that propelled NASCAR’s Instagram success. The post provided valuable insights and inspiration for anyone looking to enhance their social media presence.

  2. Hello Andrew,

    I really enjoyed this blog post! I agree that in today’s age, social media is crucial for building brand/company success. NASCAR was a good example of this success with excellent strategies and tactics used. The posts are informational, entertaining, and interesting which pulls in viewers and a captive audience. I think many companies can use the same approach through Instagram and even Tiktok showing behind the scenes and stuff people can’t always find on the internet.

    Once again great post!

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