July 23, 2024

Learn how to Grub Under 2 Minutes From TikTok

By: Guppy Uppal

Stock Image Sojcssm.com

Does your tik tok feed pop up some home-made goods that look even better than the local restaurants you dine at every day? Over the past 6 months, I have scrolled endless hours watching how to make things as simple as chicken tacos to a homemade lasagna which have changed my life for the better. I’ve learned cooking, saving, and ways to figure out how eat both good and clean.

Being a college student is a crazy lifestyle as you are balancing school, work, and your personal life all at once. It becomes easy just stopping by your local chipotle or going through the McDonald’s drive through for a large Sprite and 20 piece mcnuggets, sweet and sour sauce please. But two problems I have seen from it are is going broke, and gaining unhappy weight. 

 I have gotten to see a lot of food influencers and try a lot of recipes and I wanted to share with y’all how to save a buck while eating good with the ‘homies’! 

The Golden Balance

If you’re someone looking to eat healthy and hearty I have your perfect guy. He made a mcchicken healthy and as a McDonald’s lover I would say the recipe hit home! Ahmad Alzahabi, 26, has become a tik tok phenol with 6.3 million followers on his account, The Golden Balance. 

The Golden Balance has recipes that are open to beginners and has videos to show you visually how to make these goods in a series of clips under 2 min. He has a middle eastern twist in his meals which I recommend checking out if you like to eat dishes like kebabs, shawarma, or butter chicken. I’ve personally enjoyed his videos on topics like budget cooking, steak & ramen, and a twist on my favorite recipe Nashville Hot Tenders. They taste better then Dave’s!


Similar to Ahmad Alzhabi from The Golden Balance Karim has been on tik tok sharing his journey of crushing the stereotypes behind diet culture. A smaller food influencer with about 3.1 million followers has been going crazy with the crazy but delicious recipes he has developed for people wanting to lose weight like me. 

He is a personable influencer who has used his platform to educate people on eating healthy and how he has overcome the stereotypes by facing them head front.  His recent addition of creating a digital cookbook has made it easier to not only watch the video under two minutes but also take my time and capture how to make these goods like Karim. 

If you’re someone looking for a cheat meal on the weekend but don’t want to feel sluggish I recommend checking out his page for recipes like animal fries, homemade Cane’s, and shish taouk!


Caile Fischer is someone who I have obsessed over after finding her page. She, like me, and tons of other woman around the globe are battling PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Most people don’t know what it is but let me give you a quick breakdown. It’s a hormonal disorder that is caused by higher then normal levels of androgen hormones. In other words, it a disorder then can cause period problems, excess weight, excess hair growth, and sometimes trouble falling pregnancies. 

She is one of the few influencers who I feel like do a great job of sharing what works for her and how she is working to reverse her PCOS. She does grocery vlogs, recipes, and weekly meal ideas, to help other women who have the same condition embrace it and learn to overcome it together.