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Risk > Regret

By Polly Irungu on 4/16/15 Find me on LinkedIn | Tweet me @pollyirungu | Portfolio  If you're reading's too late. We should all know by now that when it comes to privacy, we don't have any. We should also know by now that anything that is posted online does not go away. Many individuals, brands, organizations etc., still do not understand the…read more
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The Paradoxical Science Behind Social Networking

Katie McGuigan (@knmcguigan)  Kalie Browne (@kbfrommt) On social media platforms, the biggest barrier between businesses and their consumer is the fact that people use social media to fulfill their personal needs, while businesses use this platform to build upon their networks and generate more customers. In order to bridge the divide between customer and business the businesses must remember to…read more
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Spotlight on the Pros of Social Networking

Kalie Browne | @kbfrommt |   We often read articles and hear news stories about how social media is negatively effecting society. We are bombarded with stories about cyber bullying, shorter attention spans, less personal interactions etc. And while many of those negative aspects have made an impact on the lives of the modern people, there are many positive…read more
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The Perfect Marriage Between Science and Social Media

Natalie Mangan (@NatalieMangan) When most people think of social media, science is not usually a subject that comes to mind. However, one man is trying to change this perception with his science based social media site, ResearchGate. Ijad Madisch is the creator of ResearchGate. ResearchGate is a platform where scientists can collaborate and discuss important issues with other scientists globally. The…read more
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The Long Tail Theory & The Cluetrain Manifesto

Cluetrain Manifesto & The Long Tail Theory By: Polly and Margaret | Department  The search for Twitter worthy content began on Google. With the Long Tail Theory it was harder to find more modern content. For example we found more informational material and definitions as opposed to article content. We both quoted Anderson and had the same themes flowing. However,…read more
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Looking Back to Where Social Media Started

Kayla Gordon, Abbie Mulligan, Hallie White On Tuesday, April 7, we had an exciting jam-packed class session. We started off with an engaging Skype conversation with David Weinberger, the co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto. Later on, we dived into a history lesson. Taking a step back, social media platforms couldn't exist without the internet in the first place. Be it…read more
About SOJCSSM, From Kelli

Welcome to SOJCSSM!

This class is, by far, my favorite to teach. I get very excited about social media and particularly so when I get to talk about theory, ethics, risks, best practices, strategy and analytics. Yay! Starting next week, most posts will come from the 48 students taking Strategic Social Media at the SOJC. Look for their insights, ideas, critiques and responses…read more