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Twitter Summary for February 19, 2019

By: Bella Barilati, Julianna Bourjeaurd, Elli Meinert, Carolyn Riesinger Tuesday’s class dove into analyzing social media data and how that can benefit a company. Prior to class we collectively tweeted eight times including five articles relating to the importance of social media audits and social data. Kelli began the lecture with defining the three components of a successful strategic plan:…read more
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Keeping Up With The…Algorithm

By: Joie Ryan As social media applications have evolved in both popularity and new features for users, so has the ongoing discussion of “algorithms”, specifically for Facebook and Instagram. About 2 years ago, Instagram adopted a software algorithm so that users will “see the moments [you] care about first", rather than how they are posted chronologically. In the years following, Facebook started crafting…read more
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Is Instagram changing our lives for the better or for the worse?

By: Siena Di Roma In modern day society, social media plays a huge role in our lives. It determines where we shop for our clothes, where we take our next vacation, what we cook for dinner, and even what workouts we are going to do at the gym. Influencers on Instagram post countless images of trending products in order to…read more
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Millennial Mothers Know Best

By: Meghan Schroeder Influencer identification is used to help understand who or what accounts or media platforms are controlling and steering conversations in the specific sphere of that product or company. It enables organizations and users to discover individuals who have an established voice in that world to ensure they are connected with the latest trends to help the brand…read more
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Branding with Social Media and Understanding Data

By Lexi Naone With our current social climate, it’s important for brands to create a strong presence on platforms. Social media is a large part of our society’s everyday life. Companies have started creating content that is formatted for different platforms, one-minute long videos for Instagram, two and a half minute long videos for Twitter, and videos with subtitles for…read more
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Twitter Summary for February 12, 2019

Samuel Cochran, Brian Gaudette, Jared Myers, and Colton Schang We started class by discussing descriptive statistics, which are summary statistics (summary of a set of observations) that quantitatively describes/summarizes a collection of data. Professor Markowitz informed us that descriptive statistics need variables and that different types of variables convey different types of information. He then broke down descriptive statistics into…read more
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A Digital Center of Excellence for Your Personal Brand

By Jillian Niedermeyer A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend PRSSA’s Portland Paddle event. It’s basically like speed-dating, but instead, you get to network with professionals. During the event, I had the opportunity to talk with Bill Calder, who developed a communications philosophy to help teams at large companies develop consistent online messaging. Earlier this week, Bill…read more
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Ethical social media

By Jason Tseng Social media is penetrating our life because most of the people are checking media anywhere anytime. In the present, almost everyone will check their social media at least once every day. Moreover, some people might update their story and post every single day. The more users in the social media platform, the more advertising will be on…read more
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Influencers: They Aren’t All The Same

By: Kendall Kriska Influencers have become key players in the social media word, especially YouTube. This free platform allows these people to create content and post literally whatever they want. It starts as a simple idea, which turns into a video that people begin to see and from there they spread like wildfire. These influencers begin to gain followers and…read more