March 28, 2023

PR Moves I Would Make… if I was @GirlBossTown

By Rachel Fredericks

Robyn DelMonte, better known as @GirlBossTown, is the queen of PR on TikTok. Self-proclaimed “the Internet’s agent”, she built a personal brand by suggesting marketing and PR moves to popular companies and celebrities. Her personable and creative videos have gained her 50.1M likes on TikTok.

I was first introduced to GBT in October 2021 after this video captioned “PR MOVES I WOULD MAKE IF I WAS ON EMMA CHAMBERLAINS TEAM” came across my FYP. I was immediately hooked and found myself quickly sucked into the black hole of scrolling through her TikTok profile. I had not seen content as unique or accurate before. Being a public relations major, I found myself even more intrigued with Robyn’s take on pop culture and social media news.

In a 2021 video, GBT explained her journey from the University of New Hampshire to Los Angeles where she worked unfulfilling PR jobs and lost her passion for the industry. After a cross-country move back to Boston, the 27-year-old was waitressing prior to starting esthetician school. Her first TikTok was posted in November 2020. Four months later, some videos started to blow up and by July she was consistently getting thousands of views on each post.

Blogger Payton Smith argues Robyn’s content is so popular because of its relatability. In a recent post, she wrote “It’s an underdog story we can all root for.” I would agree. Filmed from the couch or in the car, GBT’s nearly daily videos keep me feeling relevant and up-to-date. Most of the time, I am blown away by how quick she is. 

This week, one of Robyn’s predictions was confirmed at the Met Gala. Back on April 11 2022, GBT posted a prediction that Kim Kardashian would wear one of Marilyn Monroe’s dresses to the event. On Monday, Kim walked the red carpet in Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” gown. GBT is almost too good at her job.

Now, the marketing superstar has been signed at United Talent Agency. She’s landed opportunities with huge companies, celebrities and ultimately created a dream career. Robyn was invited to the premiere party for Hulu’s new show, The Kardashians. She even landed a segment on E! News’ Snapchat Rundown. I am inspired by her dedication to the craft.

“Don’t give up on what you want to do because there’s always gonna be an outlet. And if there’s not one, f***ing make one.”


It is no question that the Kardashian fan-girl has her finger on the pop culture pulse. She turns Hollywood drama into branding opportunities and admires campaigns with her GBT stamp of approval. 

I’ll say it: I am hooked and you should be too.

11 thoughts on “PR Moves I Would Make… if I was @GirlBossTown

  1. Hi Rachel!
    I found your blog post to be super interesting because I somehow have never heard of @GirlBossTown. Social media has presented so many unique career opportunities for professionals who didn’t find “traditional” jobs in their field to be fulfilling. I will definitely do a bit more research on her work across different platforms!

  2. Hi Rachel! I’ve been hearing so much about @GirlBossTown lately! I also remember that Emma Chamberlain video coming up for me, but I did not know how much she has grown since then. It’s also cool to know she went to UNH which my school back home that everyone from my high school goes to and that I know doesn’t have a PR or journalism program like UO does. I am unsure how to feel though. On one hand, I think it is incredible she was able to blow up online and make a career out of it, but on the other, I wonder about all the other wannabe PR professionals who are working just as hard, but did not get the same lucky break.

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Your write-up is inspiring. This story is indicative of the numerous opportunities in PR beyond the conventional, office-styled work that we are used to. The courage to venture into the “opened space” to explore can open big doors. Social media are great tools that PR majors can consider. Creating compelling content and identifying the right publics for such content is the “magic”.

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Great blog post! @GirlBossTown is by far one of my favorite TikTokers. I love how she’s making PR engaging for everyone, even people who aren’t studying or working in the PR field. By discussing pop culture topics, she proves how relevant PR is in our world. She is also a testament to how far your ideas can take you when you use social media as a tool to spread them.

  5. Hi Rachel, I had honestly never heard of @GirlBossTown and I really enjoyed reading your article about her. I love that she has been able to grow a brand for herself through the strategic use of TikTok and other social media. I will definitely check out her TikTok now and hope to take inspiration from her as well.

  6. Hi Rachel, I was very intrigued to read your blog post this week because initially, I thought I had never heard of this account, but after I read more, I realized that I think she has actually popped up on my fyp before. I love that you highlighted her account because I know so many people who get confused about what PR is and what we do, and @GirlBossTown does a good job explaining and demonstrating PR aspects.

  7. Hi Rachel, I love this post. @girlbosstown is one of my favorite Tiktokers. I am also a public relations major and find her content fascinating. I feel like I can learn a lot from her creativity and ability to think outside of the box. She inspires me to look for opportunities where they may not be found initially. @girlbosstown used social media to further her career in a way no one expected. I hope to one day see the world through a PR lens as well as she does.

  8. Hi Rachel! This is a great post. Although I’m not an avid follower of @GirlBossTown, I’ve had her TikToks pop up on my FYP a few times and am always intrigued by them. I find that I often do what she did with Emma Chamberlain with celebrities that I follow. She’s truly shown how PR is ingrained in every aspect of pop culture, and it’s more than just putting a spin on bad press!

  9. Hi Rachel! I absolutely loved this post. As a young PR professional that also loves pop culture, @GirlBossTown has become one of my favorite creators. I love her creativity, energy, and ability to connect PR to just about anything. It is also super inspiring how quickly her life has changed for the better through her social media success after losing her mother. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Hi!
    I absolutely loved reading this post. I am obsessed with girlboss and I think she has the most amazing ideas. It was interesting to get perspective on her and also other PR moves. I just really enjoy hearing from other people and their creativeness because I think it helps people learn and expand personal ideas.

  11. Hi Rachel! I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I was not familiar with @GirlBossTown before reading this post and this has definitely made me want to check out more of her videos. I like how you pointed out how she used TikTok to further her career and her relatability aspect. It feels like she’s casually talking to a friend instead of making PR seem super complicated and not easy to understand.

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