April 13, 2021

How Content Marketing Has Gone From Nonexistent to Prevalent

By: Jaden Watkins

Content Marketing as a concept is in no way new, and can be traced all the way back to The Furrow, a content creation publication in 1895. However, content has increased over the years tremendously, consuming a large majority of our time and thoughts. Content has now exceeded demand, and guest speaker Carmen Hill of B2B Content Strategy & Creation had a thing or two to say about this. Carmen Hill spoke in J480 on February 24th about this content-filled time period and how to correctly navigate through it. 

THEN: Content marketing used to basically just be a type of marketing, something we could essentially implement as a strategy. Content was not as easily accessible nor popular, and so it automatically had more of a stance in the world than content nowadays. Carmen spoke about how content marketing thus stood out and was easily recognizable. Therefore, paid content marketing was not a common approach, and sites like Facebook were utilized as the only source of social media marketing. 

NOW: All forms of content are increasing, and social media has become the ultimate way to have a voice, participate, connect, and basically breath. From a business standpoint, nowadays it is probable you will fall behind if your business is not on all forms of social media. Carmen explained how content is increasing not only on social media, but on most platforms, and how “we are now competing with everything, including kittens and bacon”. She also mentioned that WordPress blogs have even had an increase of 8,000% in the last 10 years. Paid advertising has made its way into the spotlight, and expansions on all platforms need to be made to keep up. Content marketing is no longer just an option or smart strategy, but marketing in itself. 

So, from content marketing easily standing out to becoming consumed in a frenzy of popularity, the way content marketing has changed it incredible. Content is now created more than most can consume, thus exceeding demand. Content can be narrowed down and produced correctly by accurately developing for one’s target audience, and capturing relevance in everything. This is interesting in seeing how our digital obsession has changed businesses and personal social media. Content marketing is no longer a unique act, and it was interesting having Carmen come in and provide insights to this digital age. 

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One thought on “How Content Marketing Has Gone From Nonexistent to Prevalent

  1. I really enjoyed your post! The rise of social media and content I think is both a blessing and a curse to companies nowadays. While as a brand, with social media there is a given platform to promote on. Yet this can be very difficult with SO much content circling around, it becomes very hard to stand out and not blend in with the rest of the noise. This reminds me of the goldfish example, how people do not have smaller attention spans, they’re just pickier with what they engage with.I’m sure when social media first came out 10 years ago anything and everything was exciting, but now it is so busy and overwhelming people have to filter a lot of it out. Like you said about competing with kittens and bacon it is very difficult because all sorts of nonrelated noise float around all on the same platforms.

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