October 3, 2023

Quality vs Quantity: What Really Matters in Content Creation

By: Brea Bechelli

No matter how much a brand posts, it will never reach beneficial engagement if they do not put thought into the quality of their content and how they engage with their audience. Many times, brands will push out as much content as possible trying to reach as many people as possible, but that will not be beneficial to them in the long run. In an article in Forbes, William Craig says, “Don’t content bomb. Don’t speak at or down to your consumer. Create a conversation.”Brands need to spark interest in their target audience rather than overflowing their feed with meaningless posts.

Yes, putting out a lot of content will get brands noticed, but is that enough? Brands do not want to just be noticed; they need engagement. They want to drive traffic to their website or whatever they offer and get people involved. In order to get more engagement, brands need to know who exactly their target audience is and what would catch their eye. They need to research their target audience to gain more insights on what they are engaging with, what they talk about online and their interests. This will help brands stay relevant and current when it comes to reaching a specific audience. They want to be able to relate to them when they post. 

They not only need to be aware, but they too need to engage and be a personality on social media. Interacting with their audience will show them that they care about their opinions, feedback and comments. They can do this by asking questions to spark engagements, putting polls out on twitter, creating questions on Instagram stories and more. It makes their content more personable and for audiences to remember their content.

Finally, brands need to be able to plan ahead on what they post. They can do this by creating a schedule for different types of posts. For example, brands can do special posts or offers through social media once a month to drive more traffic, but still keep up with regularly scheduled posts. Brands want to be consistent with what they post. Whether that be for timing, theme or tone of voice. Consistency helps audiences recognize the brands and one rather than a jumbled mess of ideas. 

Having a thoughtful plan for social media will ultimately create more engagement for brands rather than just posting randomly just to get content out there. In this case quantity does have influence, but overall it is the quality of how brands use their social media platforms to target their specific audience that will have the best outcome in the long run. 

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