June 25, 2024

Twitter Management Team: February 28, 2018. Smart Content Strategies

By: Sophia Ferrer, Amador Nazarov

In class on Thursday, we discussed the different puzzle pieces needed to make up a smart content strategy. Putting together a detailed, strategy focused social media plan requires substantial planning to drive success.

Kelli dove into the lecture by stressing how a company should devise their end goals before choosing social media platforms that they believe would achieve this rather than the other way around. Presence on every social media platform isn’t always the right move, it’s better to focus on which ones will boost the most engagement.

Part of this planning process includes the understanding of what a core strategy should have, which is:

  1. Substance
  2. Structure
  3. Workflow
  4. Governance

We also learned about the best type of content to post on each platform. For example Facebook is great for videos and curated content; quality images and hashtags on Instagram; and news, information, and links for Twitter. Knowing exactly what you will post on each platform will help quite a bit in the long run. Not only are certain types of content better aesthetically and strategically, but people are essentially looking for this content as well.

While managing the Twitter in class, our posts that received the most interaction were polls, one had 41 responses and the other 29. We learned that the most favorited social media platform that our fellow classmates use is Instagram, with Facebook and Snapchat being the least tied at 7%. Along with this, results showed that more than half of voters, aren’t fully invested in the Facebook Watch feature. As Facebook moves more towards prioritizing video, seeing this was interesting.

Creating content calendars and planning out what you will say will save a team lots of time. Also being able to see and visualize your information and content can allow for easier changes in strategy.

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Twitter handles: Sophia Ferrer, Amador Nazarov