October 4, 2023

Global Social Media – How Airbnb exists in every corner of the world.

By: Nuchwara Youngcharoen

We have to admit that social media is part of our daily life and become a platform for almost every activities and information. Let’s take a quick look on global statistic on time spending on social media, according to the We Are Social Digital report 2019, the global average time spend using social media is 2:16 hours. (Philippines spends 4:12 hours a day as a maximum range). We seem to share the same activities per day consuming the news, stories and social media activities from around the world.

As aforementioned, many companies must have an urge to leverage this global trends but how? Despite of the similar activities that we do, we still have different value, social dynamic and perspective. As part of the suggested global strategy from We Are Social Digital Report 2019, they have seen the movement of Local Legitimacy where there are actions towards grassroots campaign and the ‘Niche memes’ movement where they try to emphasize local topics. Many companies cannot only focus on global campaign but they also have to take into account of the local attitudes and perceptions as well.

From the We Are Social – Digital 2019

A company that accepts the challenge and seems to fine the sweet spot between global and local attitude, which enable them to utilize those uniqueness and raise better engagement is Airbnb. Airbnb reaches out to global audiences with the universal message but at the same time emphasize unique characteristic of different places and cities. As part of the global campaign, #airbnbexperiences, they create campaign featuring on Instagram, presenting different experiences around the world through user-generated contents from the hosts. Moreover, they also feature on Instagram stories, telling stories about Airbnb’s hosts and seasonal activities, such as, #TravelTuesday to raise engagement. As a result, in 2016, 77% of Instagram posts are from user generated contents, which drive 80% of their engagement on the platform. At the same time, Airbnb remains a responsible service provider by ensuring fast customer responses on the social media platform; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram Screenshot from Airbnb
Instagram Screenshot from Airbnb

In order to survive it is crucial that multinational companies like Airbnb embrace the latest technology. Besides, managing a global business is not without its challenges. One way global companies are embracing modern technology is by outsourcing their payroll. HR service providers like CloudPay have risen out of a need to streamline the payroll process for businesses operating on a multinational level. Efficiency and compliance are vital when it comes to maintaining a complex payroll system, especially if a company is to be a huge success, so it is not surprising that various global businesses go down this outsourcing route.

Ultimately, Airbnb’s main and universal content is to encourage people to travel and “experience” the world by staying with other people’s home. The different way of life and standard might be a challenge for many organization to handle but with a carefully craved global social media, it is a leverage for Airbnb to position themselves above other competitors. With the authenticity of user generated contents, they can transcend those obstacles and be able to bridge the gap and provide “glocal” strategy that innovates the tourism industry as a whole.

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9 thoughts on “Global Social Media – How Airbnb exists in every corner of the world.

  1. Hi Nuchwara,

    Thank you for your context. The idea you talking about on modern corporations strategies is important. Due to the rapid development of the internet, both individuals and corporations’ strength and weakness are enlarged. There are way more chances to invest or make business. However, we really need to figure out the balance point of “global” and “local”. I have seen many industries which just thinking globally but forget about local attitude. Then they failed due to lack of public acceptance. By the way, I really like the word you talking about in the blog, “Glocal”.

  2. Hi Nuchwara,

    I have never looked at Airbnb’s social media before, but wow their content is great! This is such an interesting topic because my client, the Trail Blazers, is struggling to go “glocal”. I really enjoyed your phrase: “Airbnb reaches out to global audiences with the universal message but at the same time emphasize unique characteristic of different places and cities.” I think this is something I will reflect upon more as I continue the social recommendations for the Trail Blazers and their global outreach.

  3. Hey Nuchwara,
    This is an interesting post! Unrelated to their social content, but I find myself on the fence on Airbnb as a company. I love the concept, but when I was traveling this fall, I was upset by how Airbnb property owners push real residents out of their communities. People buy up properties to rent to travelers, limiting the number of places actually available to LIVE in. That being said, it’s just so convenient! I really like their social strategy and I agree, their approach to the “glocal” is great.

  4. I think it’s so cool that airbnb’s socials are set up this way. 77% of their stuff is user generated content and I feel like that is pretty rare these days. It goes along right with the brand of AirBnb, the authenticity of the company and how it is truly based around the consumer. I personally have used AirBnb plenty of times and have always had a solid experience.

  5. Hey Aam! This is a really cool post. I’m actually kind of surprised that global average for time spent on social media is only just over 2 hours a day… I would have certainly guessed higher! Your post reminds me of the “Glocal” strategies we learned about in Beth’s class last year, and just how important they are to companies who are trying to succeed in various, diverse markets. I was unaware of Airbnb’s campaign, but I like it a lot. I think it is a great way for them to show off the cities in which they are located, giving potential customers ideas of what they could do while spending time in those cities as well.

  6. Hi Nuchwara,

    First off, I love that infographic by Hootsuite. The local legitimacy part caught my attention in particular. I manage a jewelry designer’s social platforms and I am constantly trying to curate content that will attract people on a global scale yet hold a locational relevancy as well. In order to do this, I frequently post photos of surrounding environments in Victoria, BC, or include captions about activities in the area. These posts often get the highest engagement, because it’s something that a majority of her followers can relate to. However, it still aesthetically appeals to outside audiences and includes general themes that her fanbase likes.

    I also love the term “glocal” so much!

  7. Great post Aam. Glad to see some concepts from Beth’s class made it (here’s looking at you Glocal). I can’t believe time spent on social media globally is so low. The US must be putting up some pretty high numbers just looking here. AirBnB seems to have a great strategy to connect with people nearby and showcase local things.

  8. Hi Nuchwara,
    This is such a great post; my family and I use AirBnb often. I had never looked at their social media prior to this post. The hash tag #TravelTuesday is genius and has awesome content. I have had good experiences with each AirBnb I have stayed in. Rather than staying in hotel, I have found it more cost effective and it frequently includes extra amenities you might not find in a hotel. However, I do see the benefits of hotels if it is a quick one-night stay.

  9. Hi Erin,

    Thanks for your post! This is an incredibly relevant topic and will continue to be for a long time. As an out of state student who has moved my whole life here for school, I use Airbnb regularly for travel and visiting family and friends. The global reach they have overall is insane! I’m convinced you can find one to stay in anywhere. They also produce a lot of great content that brings people in and furthers their brand. I think “glocal” is a brilliant way to stay relevant at a global level.

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