June 25, 2024

Twitter Management Team: January 29, 2019

By: Kaytlyn Lozano, Natalie Stone, Abby Wolff, and Zhiheng Li

Tuesday’s class was all about network analysis–the types, languages, usage, and analyzation. Although of a more “how-to” class for our approach to client brand research, Kelli Matthews  guided the class towards understanding Netlytic.

To understand the language of network analysis, Kelli first discussed the “nodes” and “edges” of what our research would look like. The “nodes” were the people talking about the client or brand while the “edges” illustrated the relationship of those people to the client.

The confusion began when the #GoDucks Netlytic was first put on the screen.

The more comprehensible Netlytic graph read a diameter of 14, a density of 2% and reciprocity of 0.02. Coach Cristobal and his 47.4K followers created the large diameter for #GoDucks, since his outbound connections created a larger reach in conversation. Other possibilities for this large diameter could be through Bol Bol and his 47.4K reach with Oregon Men’s Basketball and Sabrina Ionescu with the no. 4 Oregon Women’s Basketball.

With Sabrina Ionescu, the nation’s “Walking Triple Double”, #GoDucks received a lot of attention when Stephen Curry of the Warriors posted a photo with Sabrina. Once @oregonwbb posted the photo with #GoDucks, a lot of external conversation began which was a mix of Warriors fans and Duck fans. This could have caused the diameter increase in the #GoDucks Netlytic.

Another reason would be Bol Bol’s recent injury that ended his short collegiate experience. His father was Manute Bol and played for the Warriors in his career. Bol, a top-five NBA recruit, leaving with an injury so early in the season created a lot of conversations once he announced it on Twitter. Considering his massive following, the #GoDucks Netlytic diameter would have increased.

The class then shifted our discussion about Netlytic to practice a few demos. The cloud-based analyzer can show you where the communication networks are and who is leading the conversations. The tool is ideal for finding influencers that can maximize your organizations reach.

At the end of class, we met with our teams and got to hear the adorable story behind Kelli’s Google account name!

Twitter handles: Kaytlyn Lozano, Natalie Stone, Abby Wolff, Zhiheng Li