March 4, 2024

Why We Connect

Jerome Pizzelli-

Have you ever heard this saying before? I know Mike’s brother’s, college roommate’s, best friend’s uncle or something similar? At first glance this doesn’t really mean anything, right?  I am talking about a person who a majority of the people listed didn’t even know or really care to know. What it does mean though is that out of a series of weird connections I knew someone that in hindsight didn’t matter.

This is the world we live in now. After looking at the lecture from the guest speaker it was really clear that your social bubble is bigger than what you think. You can know a person without really knowing a person. Similar to adding people on Facebook that you know of them but really you don’t know them. It’s interesting that as humans we are willing to do this. We are so driven by the need to have connections and build a network that grows bigger than we think it does, that we at times forget what a personal connection is.

When looking at what you can do with a social network there are many opportunities but, I have brought it down to the top three in my opinion.

  1. Obviously building connections. An interesting article by Entrepreneur, they focus on the right ways to connect and how it started off as a niche thing to something you do every day. This is important for many reasons but primarily for jobs and future connections that could help you out in some way.
  2. Allows you to share with everyone. When I first got a Facebook I was very hesitant about sharing because I didn’t know who would see my stuff. Many people, on the other hand, don’t mind sharing every single detail about their lives and it makes them feel good. It appears as if people care about what you say. Which everyone likes it when people think you are cool and accepted. Similar to the tweet below…..
  3. The final and most important in my opinion, of course, is that we use connections to make the world a better place. Every single person we connect with has some kind of importance. Whether they are for a job interview or simply the mailman. Having that connection allows him/her and whoever else to voice their opinion to whomever and it could be possible that one tweet or post could be the one to go viral and change the world.

Those in a nutshell are my key reasons why connecting over social media are important and what they mean in todays world. Remember, it only takes one tweet to either mess up or make a postive change.



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One thought on “Why We Connect

  1. I think the odd connections that we have on social media is way bigger than we think and it comes in handy sometimes, but also has its downsides. I always find it fun to see who I know that other friends know in a different way. It helps expand the social media reach that I have as well as the reach of others.

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