Dangers of Disinformation: Social Media and Youth

By Sarah Lovely This past Wednesday, Professor Damian Radcliffe came and presented his research into how the Middle East uses social media. His presentation explained many misconceptions and realities of social media’s role in the Middle East. One point he made was that social media has become the dominant source for news for young people in the Middle East. This…read more
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Why we need to fix fighting in hockey and the NHL: Our kids

Written by Michael Robelli In any aspect of society, tradition is one of the most difficult things to let go. Regardless of its toxicity, tradition is often times granted a pass due to its historic importance, ability to activate nostalgia, etc. Furthermore, tradition can be particularly stubborn in the realm of sports. From family fan bases that run generations deep…read more
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Reaching Post-Millennials in Advertising: Checking-in with Instagram

By: Céline De Clercq In the process of covering reach, engagement, and boosting ads this week in class, I've taken a particular interest in Instagram advertising. Instagram's easy to use interface makes it one of the most popular social media interfaces for youth, and one that adults have an equally easy time getting into. Its photo-based platform is fun, quick,…read more