December 8, 2023

Meltwater, Melting our Minds! Twitter Management Team: January 24, 2019

By: Elyssa Dziwak, Kendall Kriska, Emily Gibson and Isabella Conferti

As a team, we knew we would primary be discussing the tool Meltwater in class, and also receiving our assigned clients for our social media project. We chose to tweet out case study examples that Meltwater has been a part of as well as key materials and directions that were presented during class in hopes of helping other students absorb the important information and requirements. Memes were commonly included in our tweets as a way to entertain the class while relaying this important information.

We also discussed the group project, which is incorporated with Meltwater, considering we are going to be using it to help our clients with their brands. We talked about the importance of researching and listening to every conversation; not just the ones about your company. We tweeted how it’s necessary to find sources that are representative and provide the information needed. Data should be found over a variety of platforms and groups should be looking back at least ten months ago. Conversations about every brand include more than just the conversation about the brand itself. We talked about how important trends are for a brand, which is something Meltwater is an expert on detecting.

In an attempt to get students to interact with us on Twitter, a poll was posted asking if anyone had ever used Meltwater before or if the tool was brand new to them. Fourteen students participated with 7% reporting they had used the program before, 71% saying they haven’t, and 22% voting “what’s meltwater?”

At the end of class, we found out what clients we were going to be working with and met with our teams!