Social Media Management & Consumer Content Marketing

By Parker Doyle

Kateri Kosta and Jonathan Michael from Palo Alto Software visited with the class on Monday to discuss the importance of social media management and consumer content marketing. Michaels began the lecture with the straightforward question, “What is the point of social media?” Michaels quoted the Content Marketing Institutes definition of content marketing as “… a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

When creating a social media marketing campaign, it is imperative to set your objectives from the beginning and to maintain these transparent goals throughout the process. Kosta likened the process to the scientific method and to the popular toy building brick, Lego, comparing how every minor piece comes together to create something much greater. The final product should be appealing to both the audience and the customers.

The message that a marketing campaign carries with it is just as important as the objectives set by the organization in charge. Wether the campaign utilizes an active or passive voice can make the difference between bowling or playing tennis; one method launches the ball in hopes of knocking down as many pins as possible while the other method serves a precisely selected shot to a single particular area. The organization in charge of the campaign needs to be aware of their audiences’ preferences and their individual stage in the buyers journey.

Kosta and Michael shared the value in SEO (search engine optimization). An organization can get their website located on the first page of an SERP (search engine result page) by setting the proper keywords and by creating a personally branded language. EDUCBA recommends using Google Analytics to narrowly define a specific target market.


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  1. Taylin Minnaert says:

    Parker, I love that you included a video! Sometimes we could all use visuals when it comes to learning new things. I really enjoyed our guest lecture about social media management and content marketing, and I’m so glad you included quotes from Jonathan. You made a great point in commenting on the bowling vs. tennis approach and I think it’s something that can be forgotten often. It’s important to “play tennis” and enter into a back and forth, rather than just throwing your ball one direction. I appreciated listening to your thoughts, thanks for sharing!

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