April 19, 2024

Clients needed to work with smarty pants student teams

You: A company or organization with an active social media presence — two or more active social media accounts with a total number of fans, friends or followers over 5,000. Yes, the number is somewhat arbitrary – the key is that the accounts are active and the students can collect data. We can also look at email marketing and website traffic.

You don’t have to be local or even in North America. You just have to be willing to share data and work with the team to identify your key organizational Qs related to social and digital media.

Me: A senior instructor in the School of Journalism & Communication at the University of Oregon with several teams of students eager to do social media research.

Winter quarter (January – mid-March), I will be teaching Strategic Social Media. This class focuses on the “back end” of social media work: research and planning.

Part 1: Listening/Monitoring, Competitor Analysis and Influencer Identification

External research focused on the conversations related to your organization (and who is having them).

Part 2: Social Media Audit & Social Media Recommendations 

Internal research using the data from your organization’s social media to identify what’s working and what’s not and draw insights and actionable recommendations about what you can do going forward.

Look at the PDF below; it’ll give you a sense of what to expect and maybe answer some burning questions. 

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