August 19, 2022

3 REASONS YOU SHOULD VISIT JAPAN (when it’s safe, of course)

By Tenneloah Veimau

Experiencing it > Hearing about it

What comes to mind when you think of Japan? Maybe it’s the mouth-watering, fresh-cut sushi? Action-packed anime? Revolutionary companies like Toyota? That’s at least what came to mind when I thought of Japan. Since my 10-day trip there during the winter of 2019, my initial thoughts of this unique island country are solely meaningful memoirs. I now have memories to reminisce and reflect on. Visit Japan at least once in your life – you won’t forget it!

Delicious Food

I flew to Japan to visit my high school best friend, and the first thing she introduced me to once I touched down was Onigiri. Probably the most delectable cold-food item I’ve ever eaten at any 7-Eleven. A rice ball filled with a protein of your choice. All wrapped in a seaweed blanket. You’re probably thinking, “Ew! 7-Eleven food?” Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Japanese 7-Eleven’s are top-tier. Whilst in Japan, I also visited a japanese burger restaurant and it was amazing! Japenese food is truly the best and the burgers are always something special!

The Bullet Train – Why Doesn’t This Exist in America?

The fastest and most efficient public transportation system I’ve ever used, the bullet train. So punctual, clean, quiet and organized. You can go almost anywhere in Japan on it. Even though almost every sign was written in Japanese, it was incredibly navigable. On my third day, I was able to use the train myself. A quick scan with a prepaid IC card and you’re on your way to Tokyo. A breathtaking trip, indeed.

A New Perspective on Respect and Japanese Culture

Japan is one of the most respectable places I’ve ever been to. They exhibit respect not only towards each other, but to their beautiful home as well. Every corner I turned, I saw people in front of their shops sweeping the trash… outside! You don’t see that often in America. We weren’t allowed to speak loudly on the bullet train as a common courtesy. You hardly saw any public trash bins because you’re expected to throw your trash away at home. A concept.

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Soak it In

Traveling can be scary and expensive, but the experience is priceless. Especially when you’re flying across the globe and don’t speak the native language. Soaking in all the small experiences give you a greater understanding of the world around us. New places leave you with an itch to see the rest of the world and be adventurous. Japan does just that, so book that flight!

9 thoughts on “3 REASONS YOU SHOULD VISIT JAPAN (when it’s safe, of course)

  1. Hi Tenneloah,
    Wow what a great post! I’ve always wanted to visit Japan for the food but hearing the differences in lifestyle brings a whole new perspective. My favorite part about traveling is gaining a new perspective. Other countries have such variation in cultures and I think everyone should go out and experience something different. I hope one day to visit Japan as it is on my bucket list, but I’ll definitely need a friend to come as I only speak English.

  2. Hello! This is very insightful. As someone who has never left the country and wants to visit Japan – this is so useful and interesting to me. I have always been fascinated with fast food in countries other than the USA, like McDonalds and 7-11. Hopefully I can visit Japan soon and take this write-up along with me!

  3. Japan would be such an amazing place to visit. I’ve fortunately been able to travel throughout Asia, primarily China. I really loved it there, especially because my grandparents used to live in China. They have both traveled to Japan quite a bit, as well as my sister. I’m really hoping that Japan is next on the list for me.

  4. Hi Tenneloah, This content made me want to go back to Japan again. Foods over there are amazing, and I love that they super care about the quality of food. 7-11 in Japan is another whole world; they have everything that is crazy. I cannot wait for the time that we can travel again.

  5. Hannah Esquenazi
    Hi Tenneloah what a great post! I have always wanted to go to Japan, and your blog post further highlights why! You pointed out things I had never known about, like how their 7-Elevens are far nicer than ours and how the bullet trains are an amazing way to travel. I am definitely going to be traveling there at some point and I will be sure to make note of all of the things you’ve suggested!

  6. What about the Tsijuki Fish Market? Super Mario World? Studio Ghibli Theme Park? There has to be millions of reasons to visit Tokyo, but none of them involve 2021 Summer Olympics. #CancelInTheNameOfPublicSafety

  7. Tenneloah,
    I really enjoyed reading this! My dad spent a lot of time in Japan as a young adult and speaks so highly of that culture over there. A trip to Japan is definitely on my bucket list!

  8. Japan is definitely a dream destination of mine. From the friends I’ve made from there to the people that I know that have been lucky enough to travel to it I have heard nothing but good things from others about the country. So many tastes, sounds, and sights to see I will definitely make sure to travel there sometime in my life. And also to try some 7-Eleven food lol.

  9. Loved this post! I have always dreamed of exploring different parts of the world and would love to go to Japan! I think it’s interesting how places like McDonald’s and 7-Eleven can be different elsewhere than the ones here and often better than ours!

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