January 17, 2022

Week 10: Twitter Management Summary

Justin Goettsch (Twitter) & Sean Thornberry (Twitter)

On March 13, Carri Bugbee, an internationally recognized expert in social media, joined our J480/580 class and shared her thoughts on how to effectively plan for social media. Carri has presented social media marketing strategies at conferences and events around the world, including the AllFacebook Expo, Social Media Week Toronto, Nordic Game, The Cool Twitter Conference, SXSWi, O’Reilly Twitter Bootcamp, 2nd Screen Summit and OMMA Global. In addition, she is currently an adjunct professor at Portland State University. Check out the rest of her bio here!

Carri gave an incredibly in-depth analysis on how to properly plan and execute a social media plan.  To begin, organizations need to know where they are, so an audit needs to be conducted to establish a baseline. As changes are made, organizations can measure their growth and justify resources, target improvement areas and maintain strong facets of the current plan.

Targeting the audience is essential to a successful campaign. To whom you’re marketing towards, where are they interacting, how they are interacting with each other and answering these questions aid the effectiveness of the organization’s campaign. This includes which platforms and social networks you should tap into to get the most bang for your buck. Are there other marketing activities you are already doing that could help give the campaign some added traction?

Content is a constant struggle and an unending one. The best organizations are putting out great content consistently. Quality content separates the average campaigns from the good campaigns and the great campaigns.

Lastly, organizations need to determine the outreach, staffing and operations of the campaign before the campaign begins. It is easy to say that you will figure it out along the way. It is also easy to have a horrible campaign. Making the mistake of not planning through these crucial details from the onset of a campaign is a good way to fail.

3/13/2017 Twitter Analytics

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As you can see, we were very happy to have Carri come and speak to us on Monday! 🙂

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