The Paradoxical Science Behind Social Networking

Katie McGuigan (@knmcguigan)  Kalie Browne (@kbfrommt)

On social media platforms, the biggest barrier between businesses and their consumer is the fact that people use social media to fulfill their personal needs, while businesses use this platform to build upon their networks and generate more customers. In order to bridge the divide between customer and business the businesses must remember to keep people at the center of their strategy by remaining curious about what drives the people in their surrounding networks.

And here lies the paradox of social media. How does the separation of people ,between computer screens, allow us to become more connected to each other? What then are the pros and cons created by social media/ social networking? We are influenced by the network we surround ourselves with on social media, not only by first degree contacts, but also by second and third degree contacts. For this reason, it is important that we construct social networks that can be intrinsically rewarding.

Social networks are complex. As a society we have reached a point where we have to consciously try not to be online during face to face interactions. We have also worked hard to choose our “curated selves” online to present a fictional life that appears more appealing in our personal networks. The hyper-accountability and responsibility that accompanies social media supports the way we choose to brand ourselves online, in order to avoid ridicule from our peers.

As we continue to navigate the science of our social networks it is important to remember that the bottom line is that understanding people will make you a better communicator.

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