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Twitter Management Team: March 5, 2019. Donna Davis + Virtual Reality

By: Julianne Spencer, Nikki Heaston, Nuchwara Youngcharoen, Isabelle Shattuck, Eva Pozarycki, Dustin Valdez To gear up for our guest speaker Donna Davis’ lecture about Virtual Reality, our team began to research various tiers of Virtual Reality and its relevance to current events -- including financial projections for VR, its use in retail, sports, art, and more. Within the…read more
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Virtual Reality – The Possibilities are Endless

By: Colton Schang Most often when we think of virtual reality it involves throwing on a headset and entering into a world that has never been seen before. Worlds, creatures, colors and sounds that are new and intriguing. Or maybe experiencing something through the eyes of another, similar to the Samsung experience I had a few months ago in NYC.…read more
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VR: The Ultimate Empathy Machine

  By Keeley O'Dougherty In his 2015 TedTalk, Chris Milk tells the story of his mission to create the ultimate empathy machine. As a well-established filmmaker, Milk was a master at telling stories through videos which all took place on a traditional rectangular screen. He began exploring different ways to tell stories after he began to wonder how he could…read more
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Second Life and how it Connects People

By: Alli Utti Virtual reality is much more than just gaming and entertainment; it brings people together. Similar to how all forms of social media are changing the way people communicate, Second Life is no different. Second Life is an online virtual world where users can create avatars and connect with others. People can represent themselves through their avatars in…read more
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New Life in Second Life

By: Milla Hansen, Josh Hoffman, Steve Karandy, Alli Utti  The guest speaker in today’s class was Dr. Donna Davis! She spoke about Virtual Reality and blew our minds. Dr. Davis showed us her Second Life avatar and the interactions that happen through it. For example, she brought us to a concert in a lounge. The mind-blowing part was that the singer was actually performing…read more
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Into the Dark or into the Light?

Post by Lauren Sokol. @lsokol15. LinkedIn. On Monday, we spoke in #SOJCssm about alternate realities and dystopic worlds. On Wednesday, we spoke about social media firestorms and what it is about human nature that makes us feel like it’s okay to destroy someone’s life in 140 characters or less if you are one of thousands expressing the same sentiment. I…read more
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Life in the Second Life

A recap of the #SOJCssm Twitter conversation 1/22/17-1/23/17 By Amanda Lam (@amandaaalam), Desiree Dahlson (@desireedahlson)and McKenzie Edgar (@McKenzieEdgar23) This week must’ve been an extra special one because it was our first Monday lecture of the term and we also had the privilege of hearing Donna Davis (@dzdavis) speak about virtual worlds and Second Life. Donna is the director of the strategic…read more