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The End of Interruption Marketing – How Building an Effective Inbound Strategy Will Better Attract and Retain Consumers

By: Ben Cooke Interruption marketing, a term used to describe tactics that work only if they interrupt you to get your attention, is having much less of an impact on consumers at converting sales. According to Double Click, “Banner or sidebar ads are clicked on an average of only 0.2%,” and with good reason. Ads are often annoying as they disrupt…read more
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Social Media in the Workplace: Encouraging Employees to be Active on Platforms.

By: Emily Gibson Social media is evolving from being a platform for sharing thoughts and experiences with peers to being a strategic platform to connect with a large audience. Businesses are using social media platforms for promoting their brand and communicating with their consumers and clients. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are the easiest and quickest way to respond to…read more
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The In Crowd

By: Erich Aguillon From 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visits stores within one day 72% of adult internet users use Facebook Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than those without images On Instagram, photos showing faces get 38% more Likes…read more
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Content Strategy

By: Ani Clifford, Taylin Minnaert, Rachel Hanks The class was very engaged in today’s Twitter feed, with over 80 tweets! Today we heard from Kateri Kosta and Jonathan Michael from Palo Alto Software. They spoke about the different aspects of content strategy. Jonathan Michael started off the presentation by asking the class, “What is the point of social media?” Kosta…read more
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8 Things to Include in your Social Media Editorial Calendar

By Andrea Harvey Editorial calendars are necessary in getting the most out of your social media accounts. You'll want to plan and schedule your posts a couple months in advance to ensure they reflect your goals. A thriving social media presence requires daily posting. So what sort of posts should you fill your editorial calendar with? Here are some ideas to help guide you…read more
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To Plan or Not To Plan – There Is No Question

By Valerie Wiebmer (@valeriewiebmer) To Plan. Planning and organization are key in many different aspects of life, especially in the business environment, and can often be the deciding factor between success and failure. One of the main reasons people, and more commonly businesses, are scrutinized for failing on social media is because they posted something without thinking in the heat of…read more