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To Blog or Not to Blog…

by Lizz Wells When preparing for a recent job interview, I was blown away when the organization emailed the list of interview questions a few days in advance. This was major, and while working through the questions I was struck by one of the last ones, ”What are two things that you would do to enhance the design of the…read more
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Twitter Summary 3/9/20: Content Creation & Content Calendars

By: Chad Orras, Amelia Whitford, Dani Gomez, Yujun Mei, & Anthony Ebel At the beginning of class today, two undergraduate students within the Journalism school came to speak briefly about a project they are currently working on. The team is headed to the Bateman Case Competition to represent the University of Oregon. In this project, they are focusing on promoting…read more

Twitter Summary: 2/5/20 Social Media Ethics & Crisis Management

By Sara Espinosa, Sarah Naciri, Anushka Pawashe, Jack Ritt and John Wright We spent the second class of Week 5 talking more about the ethics that surround social media decisions and started the topic of crisis management.  The class started with a discussion of how some companies don’t spend enough time or don’t have enough resources when it comes to…read more
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A New Relationship Between Social Media and the Military Community

by: Chad Orras For decades, veterans in the military have had to deal with biases and stigmas on how they should handle themselves once they leave the military and return to everyday life. This has created a sense of urgency when it comes to the overall mental health of veterans and military members. Additionally, resources for these individuals is limited…read more
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Speaking Out Against the Majority

by Rhianna Comito Social media is a great place for people to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions about everyday life. Platforms like Twitter make it easy for people to connect on larger social issues and create communities around them. When people start to share their opinion and discourses are created, usually a dominant opinion is pervasive in mass media.…read more
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Taking lessons from a Mormon social media fast: A perpetual motion of digital dependency

Hayley Shauklas Last October, eight million Mormon women were invited to put down the phone and take a 10-day social media fast. Of the few thousand women surveyed post-fast by Goodthink co-founder and TEDx speaker, Amy Blankson, 60% reported feeling more productive. Forty percent reported more sleep, and 55% said they were more present with friends and family. Credit: Alexander…read more
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There is nothing new under the sun: Is originality important in social media content creation?

By: Brian J. Gaudette Content theft, especially joke theft, is rampant online.  If something is clever and funny you can bet that it will get rewritten and retweeted hundreds if not thousands of times.  On a day to day basis when we tell jokes or use some clever but regurgitated turn of phrase in our verbal speech, it is socially…read more
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Twitch: Engaging your target market via Influencers

by: David Twitch is currently one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. Primarily catering to gamers and esports, Twitch has expanded into music, culinary, art, TV shows, Talk shows, IRL Streams, and even the NFL. Twitch is unique in the fact that every channel has a live chat room built into it where users can converse with…read more
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What Came First… Kylie Jenner or “The Egg?”: Twitter Summary for January 15, 2019

By: Jillian Niedermeyer and Jessica Murray Tuesday’s class focused on the principles of uses and gratifications and other theories surrounding social media. Professor Kelli Matthews (@kmatthews) led a discussion about “diffusion of innovation,” important dynamics in modern social media, and properties of networked publics, among other key topics. The class discussed a wide array of examples to explain these theoretical…read more