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#SOJCssm Class Dismissed

By: Cydney Chelberg (@cydneycay)   Congratulations #SOJCssm, we survived another winter term! I would like to give a big thank you to professor Kelli Matthews (@kmatthews) and to all of my fellow students for making the cold, rainy Monday mornings less painful with engaging strategic social media talk and a highly entertaining, GIF-filled Twitter feed. For reference, in case you…read more
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Show your Social Media Muscle

Show your Social Media Muscle Abby Bramble @A_bramble, Mark Kellman @MarkKellman and Jenny Kinsman @JennyKinsman A Recap of the #SOJCssm Twitter Conversation 1/29-1/30 It’s true, possessing a British accent instantly makes you about 20 percent smarter than the average person. Damian Radcliffe (@damianradcliffe) has a British accent, but most people would consider him smarter and more engaging than most, even…read more
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Into the Dark or into the Light?

Post by Lauren Sokol. @lsokol15. LinkedIn. On Monday, we spoke in #SOJCssm about alternate realities and dystopic worlds. On Wednesday, we spoke about social media firestorms and what it is about human nature that makes us feel like it’s okay to destroy someone’s life in 140 characters or less if you are one of thousands expressing the same sentiment. I…read more
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How a Mrs. DoubtFirestorm Showed us the Dark Side of Social Media

By Brooke Halvorsen @bhalvz, Nick Hudson @aussie_duck, Jeff Lockie @Yuddaman A Recap of the #SOJCssm Twitter Conversation 1/24/17 - 1/25/17 A Final Thought on Online Firestorms Social media requires a heightened level of social responsibility and awareness. Unfortunately, for too many Twitter users, this lesson has been learned all too late as they find themselves  in an “online firestorm”. Think…read more
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Thinking on your feet, moving authentically.

A Recap of the #SOJCssm Twitter Conversation 1/10/17-1/11/17 By Kelly O'Shaughnessy @westcoastarheel, Joey Jaraczewski @joey_jjjay and Lauren Sokol @lsokol15 In our day and age, when access to knowledge is a click away and access to conversation is a tweet away, we are all amateur social media managers. Becoming a professional social media manager seems as easy as lifting tips from Hootsuite or Bufferapp…read more
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The Perfect Marriage Between Science and Social Media

Natalie Mangan (@NatalieMangan) When most people think of social media, science is not usually a subject that comes to mind. However, one man is trying to change this perception with his science based social media site, ResearchGate. Ijad Madisch is the creator of ResearchGate. ResearchGate is a platform where scientists can collaborate and discuss important issues with other scientists globally. The…read more
About SOJCSSM, From Kelli

Welcome to SOJCSSM!

This class is, by far, my favorite to teach. I get very excited about social media and particularly so when I get to talk about theory, ethics, risks, best practices, strategy and analytics. Yay! Starting next week, most posts will come from the 48 students taking Strategic Social Media at the SOJC. Look for their insights, ideas, critiques and responses…read more