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Social Media Ethics

By Cody Koenig (@koenigcody) Who determines what is ethical on social media? Most of the time when I post on social media, I’m my own toughest critic. I make sure my content is meaningful, sensitive and accurate. While I may think I am my toughest critic, it’s actually my audience. Far to often people post content that is offensive to…read more
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Be Transparent or Die Trying

By: Sara McCauley Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn! Transparency is key for any company, organization or non-profit to succeed on social media. It is no longer a choice that these companies have, yet they still hold the power to control the strategies of being transparent on social media platforms. Transparency is defined as the degree to which an organization…read more
Student Posts

The Curated Self on Social Media

By: Tatiana Skomski When you think of a curator often times you think of someone who works in a museum or art gallery. This idea has transformed over the past few years with the growing use of social media. People are becoming curators of their virtual identities and creating whole new personas for themselves. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are…read more
Student Posts

The Perfect Marriage Between Science and Social Media

Natalie Mangan (@NatalieMangan) When most people think of social media, science is not usually a subject that comes to mind. However, one man is trying to change this perception with his science based social media site, ResearchGate. Ijad Madisch is the creator of ResearchGate. ResearchGate is a platform where scientists can collaborate and discuss important issues with other scientists globally. The…read more
About SOJCSSM, From Kelli

Welcome to SOJCSSM!

This class is, by far, my favorite to teach. I get very excited about social media and particularly so when I get to talk about theory, ethics, risks, best practices, strategy and analytics. Yay! Starting next week, most posts will come from the 48 students taking Strategic Social Media at the SOJC. Look for their insights, ideas, critiques and responses…read more