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Social media and social class: does one perpetuate the other?

By Ivan Hernandez Instagram & twitter: @iahl0914 Social classes are entrenched in our society. Nobody likes to talk about it or discuss it, but it’s a prominent characteristic in our society.  Economic division creates our cultural division, and the more distanced we are from each other the easier it is for elites to perpetuate the status quo, so is social…read more
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Listen More. Talk Less.

By: Rhea Gates Twitter: @RheakaiGates   Social. Media. Crisis. Three words no PR professional can hear or utter without an inevitable cringe. Unfortunately, social media firestorms are becoming regular news during our lifetime. You can hardly look at a television, computer or cell phone screen without being bombarded by the latest organizational blunder followed by new hashtags and passionate multi-platform…read more
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The Dreaded Crisis

By: McKenzie Edgar @McKenzieEdgar23   You know that one person you follow on social media and ask yourself why do I follow them? And then you have an “oh yeah” moment because their account is a train wreck and you can’t seem to look away. I know that sounds harsh but there is something about witnessing something disastrous that you…read more
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Social Media in the Workplace

By Talia Smith, @talmarie123, Last Monday, Professor Damien Radcliffe spoke to the class about social media trends. One trend we can look out for is the integration of social media as a communication tool in work settings. Last year, Facebook launched Workplace, a professional version of the social media platform. Within a company’s account, users can create a Workplace profile,…read more
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Into the Dark or into the Light?

Post by Lauren Sokol. @lsokol15. LinkedIn. On Monday, we spoke in #SOJCssm about alternate realities and dystopic worlds. On Wednesday, we spoke about social media firestorms and what it is about human nature that makes us feel like it’s okay to destroy someone’s life in 140 characters or less if you are one of thousands expressing the same sentiment. I…read more
Twitter Summary

Gatekeepers and Gratification

A recap of the #SOJCssm Twitter conversation 1/17/17-1/18/17 By Chandler Baker @bakechan21, Katy Edgington @KatyEdgington and Sarah Johnson @surruhjean In today’s world, everything revolves around social media. When we wake up, most of us check our phones. Whether it be for entertainment purposes, out of habit or to stay updated on the news, there is always a reason to access…read more
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5 Takeaways From This Class

By: Craig Garcia (@shaggycano) Virtual high-five’s and congratulatory pats on the back to each and everyone of us! I’m technically suppose to be writing some in-depth blog about measuring analytics, but in the name of summer, and since all of our brains are completely fried (and I might legitimately pass out if I type the word “analytics” again) I decided…read more