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Simple Tools for Designing Eye-catching Email Campaigns

By Dani Gomez - @danixelisa How often do you actually click on a link within a promotional email and purchase something? If you're like most Americans, probably somewhat rarely. You're familiar, then, with what comes next: an influx of "Did you forget something?" and "GET 'EM BEFORE THEY'RE GONE" abandoned cart emails. Sure, these are pretty effective in getting a…read more
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What Makes Someone an Influencer?

Written by: Emma Brennan. In today's society, we are constantly being marketed to and influenced. The question is however, what makes someone an influencer and how do they gain all this power? Whether you are scrolling through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you can find posts containing marketed products and influencing opinions. Now with the release of the new app Tik…read more

Dangers of Disinformation: Social Media and Youth

By Sarah Lovely This past Wednesday, Professor Damian Radcliffe came and presented his research into how the Middle East uses social media. His presentation explained many misconceptions and realities of social media’s role in the Middle East. One point he made was that social media has become the dominant source for news for young people in the Middle East. This…read more

Bot or Bought?

By Kyra Lindsay How can you tell which influencers are actually influential or who might actually have false content or misleading following? Looking back at our lecture with Bill Calder and Jenna Galbreath, from WE communications, we see how we can look to insights in order to understand influence. When taking a glance at an Instagram influencer with millions of…read more
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Influencers are EVERYWHERE!

By Hannah Miller As social media platforms continue to grow in 2020, influencer marketing will keep on evolving. Influencers have become a fundamental marketing strategy for many brands, and will continue to help brands in connect with their public in relatable ways. In 2020, just being famous will not be enough for brands. Brands desire influencers that will have an…read more
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The Rise of Influencers

By Hayley Williamson Over the years, we have seen more and more influencers begin to pop up on our social media feed. They cover topics ranging from health and beauty to lifestyle and fitness. With any topic you can think of, you can find an influencer. Across platforms like Instagram and YouTube, they share their lives with us, and viewers…read more
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Celebrity Deaths as Told on Social Media Platforms

By: Katherine Corah Celebrity deaths as told on social media platforms have really transformed the way news gets conveyed to the public. Earlier this week, an unfortunate helicopter accident killed 9 passengers, 2 of them being Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna. On Sunday, January 26, the entire country seemed to come together to mourn the loss of one of…read more