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The Power of Facebook Ads in the Digital Age

By: Kelsey Scott Think that Facebook has reached its demise? Well, think again.       The apparent “death” of Facebook has been greatly exaggerated, as the site continues to position itself overtop every other social media platform in terms of overall use and current active users. With a staggering 2.13 billion active monthly users worldwide, Facebook remains the most popular social…read more
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Voice Search is Comin’ in Hot

by Lissa Steffen (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)   Confession: I didn't know who was playing in Super Bowl 2017 until the day of, and I had to ask Siri. That's the new norm, too. Since it's introduction in 2014, voice search is the next up and coming method of searching. With technology such as Alexa (Amazon), Cortana (Microsoft), in addition to Siri (Apple) and…read more
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Becoming CEO of SEO

by Katie Birrenkott - Twitter LinkedIn Portfolio Search engine optimization (SEO) has become the epitome of what comes to mind when thinking about social media marketing. As the common social media user knows, it's all about the hashtags. We've all seen the Instagram posts with a thick layer of hashtags, including the ever popular #throwbackthursday aka #tbt. Aside from the…read more