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#SOJCssm Class Dismissed

By: Cydney Chelberg (@cydneycay)   Congratulations #SOJCssm, we survived another winter term! I would like to give a big thank you to professor Kelli Matthews (@kmatthews) and to all of my fellow students for making the cold, rainy Monday mornings less painful with engaging strategic social media talk and a highly entertaining, GIF-filled Twitter feed. For reference, in case you…read more
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Life in the Second Life

A recap of the #SOJCssm Twitter conversation 1/22/17-1/23/17 By Amanda Lam (@amandaaalam), Desiree Dahlson (@desireedahlson)and McKenzie Edgar (@McKenzieEdgar23) This week must’ve been an extra special one because it was our first Monday lecture of the term and we also had the privilege of hearing Donna Davis (@dzdavis) speak about virtual worlds and Second Life. Donna is the director of the strategic…read more
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Real Life > Second Life

Second life is lame as hell — Carhenlo///HENNEC (@TrillMittRomney) May 15, 2015 When I tweeted this in class, I expected it to be rhetorical- just another opinion of mine for my 202 strong followers to ignore. However, today I found myself in the corner of the campus Starbucks, engaging in a half-hour twitter banter with an avid Second-Lifer. Shockingly, when…read more