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#SOJCssm Class Dismissed

By: Cydney Chelberg (@cydneycay)   Congratulations #SOJCssm, we survived another winter term! I would like to give a big thank you to professor Kelli Matthews (@kmatthews) and to all of my fellow students for making the cold, rainy Monday mornings less painful with engaging strategic social media talk and a highly entertaining, GIF-filled Twitter feed. For reference, in case you…read more
Student Posts

Every Degree Counts

By Shannon Elliott @shan_an_anon Before Facebook and other social media platforms began to integrate themselves into our everyday lives, communities were based off of physical communities in the "real world." However, in today’s highly interactive and online world, communities are beginning to take shape and evolve along with society. As the idea of communities expand, so does the interconnectivity of the world.…read more