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#SOJCssm Class Dismissed

By: Cydney Chelberg (@cydneycay)   Congratulations #SOJCssm, we survived another winter term! I would like to give a big thank you to professor Kelli Matthews (@kmatthews) and to all of my fellow students for making the cold, rainy Monday mornings less painful with engaging strategic social media talk and a highly entertaining, GIF-filled Twitter feed. For reference, in case you…read more
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Life in the Second Life

A recap of the #SOJCssm Twitter conversation 1/22/17-1/23/17 By Amanda Lam (@amandaaalam), Desiree Dahlson (@desireedahlson)and McKenzie Edgar (@McKenzieEdgar23) This week must’ve been an extra special one because it was our first Monday lecture of the term and we also had the privilege of hearing Donna Davis (@dzdavis) speak about virtual worlds and Second Life. Donna is the director of the strategic…read more
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Gatekeepers and Gratification

A recap of the #SOJCssm Twitter conversation 1/17/17-1/18/17 By Chandler Baker @bakechan21, Katy Edgington @KatyEdgington and Sarah Johnson @surruhjean In today’s world, everything revolves around social media. When we wake up, most of us check our phones. Whether it be for entertainment purposes, out of habit or to stay updated on the news, there is always a reason to access…read more
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Thinking on your feet, moving authentically.

A Recap of the #SOJCssm Twitter Conversation 1/10/17-1/11/17 By Kelly O'Shaughnessy @westcoastarheel, Joey Jaraczewski @joey_jjjay and Lauren Sokol @lsokol15 In our day and age, when access to knowledge is a click away and access to conversation is a tweet away, we are all amateur social media managers. Becoming a professional social media manager seems as easy as lifting tips from Hootsuite or Bufferapp…read more