Bot or Bought?

By Kyra Lindsay How can you tell which influencers are actually influential or who might actually have false content or misleading following? Looking back at our lecture with Bill Calder and Jenna Galbreath, from WE communications, we see how we can look to insights in order to understand influence. When taking a glance at an Instagram influencer with millions of…read more
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Influencers are EVERYWHERE!

By Hannah Miller As social media platforms continue to grow in 2020, influencer marketing will keep on evolving. Influencers have become a fundamental marketing strategy for many brands, and will continue to help brands in connect with their public in relatable ways. In 2020, just being famous will not be enough for brands. Brands desire influencers that will have an…read more
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What happens when an Instagram influencer shifts their personal branding?

By Ramsey Sullivan With the rise of social platforms, we’ve also seen the rise of social media influencers. These people have a significant following on platforms, typically Instagram and YouTube, that allow them opportunities to collaborate with brands. These brands will send products for influencers to review, pay them to post about the product or develop a brand partnership. The…read more
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The Rise of Influencers

By Hayley Williamson Over the years, we have seen more and more influencers begin to pop up on our social media feed. They cover topics ranging from health and beauty to lifestyle and fitness. With any topic you can think of, you can find an influencer. Across platforms like Instagram and YouTube, they share their lives with us, and viewers…read more
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The Instagram Influence of Baby Boomers

by Maggie Elias (@maggiejelias) When thinking of social media audiences, Baby Boomers are often pushed to the periphery of consideration—if not excluded entirely—because of their perceived disinterest, reluctance, or general misunderstanding of social platforms and technology. Under these assumptions, in the Diffusion of Innovation scale, Boomers would by-and-large fall into the “late majority” or “laggards” categories for social media use.…read more
Instagram stories for good?
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Instagram stories. Changing social media for good?

by Anna Campbell After taking the social media world by storm in 2018, Instagram stories have remained hot. More and more users are using Instagram stories, attracted by the story telling tool and its inclusion of tech previously banned by the app, including links, polling and cross-platform tools. There are now 500 million daily users of IG stories every day.…read more
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Is Social Media Dying?

Tess Jennings: Recently, I read a fascinating article from Metro UK that looked at whether social media sites were slowly dying. Initially, I found this a rather absurd thought. Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate--how could these channels be dying? However, the more I read, the more I wondered if this claim actually had merit. For instance, the…read more
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Keeping Up With The…Algorithm

By: Joie Ryan As social media applications have evolved in both popularity and new features for users, so has the ongoing discussion of “algorithms”, specifically for Facebook and Instagram. About 2 years ago, Instagram adopted a software algorithm so that users will “see the moments [you] care about first", rather than how they are posted chronologically. In the years following, Facebook started crafting…read more
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Is Instagram changing our lives for the better or for the worse?

By: Siena Di Roma In modern day society, social media plays a huge role in our lives. It determines where we shop for our clothes, where we take our next vacation, what we cook for dinner, and even what workouts we are going to do at the gym. Influencers on Instagram post countless images of trending products in order to…read more