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Micro Scamming

By Sara Espinosa A couple of months ago, I was approached by a fashion brand on Instagram to “become an ambassador.” It was rather simple. They would offer 30% commission for every purchase made with my ambassador code and all I had to do was buy something from their store 50% off and tag them on a picture, which they…read more
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What happens when an Instagram influencer shifts their personal branding?

By Ramsey Sullivan With the rise of social platforms, we’ve also seen the rise of social media influencers. These people have a significant following on platforms, typically Instagram and YouTube, that allow them opportunities to collaborate with brands. These brands will send products for influencers to review, pay them to post about the product or develop a brand partnership. The…read more
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Influencers: Authenticity Is Key

By Hannah Blair | February 2, 2019 Social media is filled with influencers for just about anything. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, especially when there are advertisements between almost every post you see as you're scrolling down your feed. I did not realize the effect influencers had on me until we were discussing them in my Strategic…read more
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The Influencer Effect

By: Casi Jackson Social media influencers have made their presence known in the world of marketing. Although this form of marketing has become more prevalent, consumers have also become more cautious as to who they listen to and trust. Brands have caught on to the fact that consumers control the success of their products, therefore they must find a way…read more
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New Life in Second Life

By: Milla Hansen, Josh Hoffman, Steve Karandy, Alli Utti  The guest speaker in today’s class was Dr. Donna Davis! She spoke about Virtual Reality and blew our minds. Dr. Davis showed us her Second Life avatar and the interactions that happen through it. For example, she brought us to a concert in a lounge. The mind-blowing part was that the singer was actually performing…read more
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Everything You Need to Become an Expert on Social Media Content Calendars

By: Emily Soury   First off, it seems pretty important to explain what exactly a social media content calendar is. In today’s media filled society, where the job title of “Instagram Influencer” actually exists, it is beneficial for companies, and above mentioned influencers, to plan out their content in advance. Regularly sharing new and exciting content is key for companies…read more