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Twitter Management Team: February 5, 2019

By: Hannah Blair, Casi Jackson, TJ McCourt, and Daymon Standridge Our group had a twitter discussion on the lecture of ethics in social media. Tuesday’s class discussion went over the importance of ethics when interacting on social media. We looked at a few different ways that people can be “sleazy” and we looked at various examples and case studies to…read more
Student Post

Double Check

By Bella Barilati In our current social climate companies care who is behind the logo. Society wants to know they are investing their money into a company that has beliefs that resonate with their own and are contributing to the world around on us; not just trying to make money off of us. With that comes brand responsibility and holding…read more
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Posting Ethically

By Isabelle Shattuck In today’s society it has become a social norm to post on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat about our day to day lifestyle. Just by watching your friends Snapchat or Instagram story you can see where they are, what they are doing, and who they are with. So often these are the apps that we mindlessly scroll through…read more
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Ethics or Reckless? Are you monitoring what you post?

By Elyssa Dziwak | February 4, 2019 Transparency, anonymity and respecting others are the golden rules that public relations professionals like to emphasize when dealing with social media ethics. It’s very easy to get carried away and stretch the truth, or flat out lie, but like all things in life there are consequences to unethical behavior. To really understand social…read more
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VR: The Ultimate Empathy Machine

  By Keeley O'Dougherty In his 2015 TedTalk, Chris Milk tells the story of his mission to create the ultimate empathy machine. As a well-established filmmaker, Milk was a master at telling stories through videos which all took place on a traditional rectangular screen. He began exploring different ways to tell stories after he began to wonder how he could…read more
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Ethics in Social Media-Application: Donald Trump

By: Samantha Nadel Feature image: Courtesy of Gage Skidmore In my opinion, there is no other individual who more clearly exemplifies the topics covered during our class discussion of ethics in social media than our president, Donald Trump. At a time where sexual misconduct is one of the most prevalent social issues facing our culture today, it is no wonder…read more
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Ghost Blogging: Ethical?

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash Post by: Ani Clifford   We’ve all heard of ghost tweeting, but there is a less known version of this called ghost blogging. This is often where a social media team writes on behalf of an executive member of a company. The question is, is this ethical? There are lots of ways in which…read more
Twitter Summary

Be the Voice in the Room

Authors: Kristle Saneewong, Gabe Ovetz, Brian Willison, Kenden Blake Our team was responsible for managing the class conversation on Twitter using the class hashtag #SOJCssm on Monday, February 5. During the three days around class (Pre, Day-Of, and Post), there were 44 tweets using #SOJCssm, with 34 coming on the actual day of class. Our team shared six background articles the…read more