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Hit “Delete” All You Want, Email Marketing is Still Alive and Well

By Katie Zurbrick@zurbyy This last weekend, I met someone with over 15,000 unread emails in his inbox. As someone who is admittedly very type A and finds it difficult to relax in the presence of red notification bubbles, this really stressed me out. I’m willing to bet the vast majority of those unread messages were promotional content, or “spam” as…read more
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VR: The Ultimate Empathy Machine

  By Keeley O'Dougherty In his 2015 TedTalk, Chris Milk tells the story of his mission to create the ultimate empathy machine. As a well-established filmmaker, Milk was a master at telling stories through videos which all took place on a traditional rectangular screen. He began exploring different ways to tell stories after he began to wonder how he could…read more
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New Life in Second Life

By: Milla Hansen, Josh Hoffman, Steve Karandy, Alli Utti  The guest speaker in today’s class was Dr. Donna Davis! She spoke about Virtual Reality and blew our minds. Dr. Davis showed us her Second Life avatar and the interactions that happen through it. For example, she brought us to a concert in a lounge. The mind-blowing part was that the singer was actually performing…read more
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Reaching Post-Millennials in Advertising: Checking-in with Instagram

By: Céline De Clercq In the process of covering reach, engagement, and boosting ads this week in class, I’ve taken a particular interest in Instagram advertising. Instagram’s easy to use interface makes it one of the most popular social media interfaces for youth, and one that adults have an equally easy time getting into. Its photo-based platform is fun, quick,…read more
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Updating-more harm than good?

  In our discussion during Monday's class, we talked about what people want to see and what gets them engaged on social media.  This correlates with what we had talked about earlier in the term with buying followers, which aren't always or at all engaging.  People care about engaging pictures and short captions--not too much effort.  Data analysis is how…read more
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Twitter Firestorms: Bullying or Not?

By: Morgan Wilkes We see it all the time on Twitter. The "Show This Thread" option that unveils hundreds, sometimes thousands of replies filled with commentary based on the original tweet. Sometimes these threads are funny. But other times, they unveil a firestorm attacking like a mob. Recently, a New Jersey woman attending University of Alabama was the star of…read more
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Do Quit your Day Job: the Social Media Influencers that are Making Millions, One Post at a Time

By Sean Thornberry (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) It seems like there’s not an hour that goes by without someone posting a multi-level marketing scheme or some affiliate product on social media. I’ve become so accustomed to these posts that I’m subconsciously scrolling past without giving a second thought to what they contain. This new trend isn’t without merit however. Companies have…read more