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Twitter Summary: 2/12/20 Taking Your Social Media Temperature

By: Olivia Gabriel & Hayley Williamson In class on Wednesday of week six, we continued our conversation about social media audits and how to “take your social media temperature”. That all came down to how you measure engagement on different social media platforms. We were given a simple formula to measure engagement: Additionally, many platforms offer programs on their site…read more
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Brand Persona: Mini Case Study

By Marisa L Biggins It’s always refreshing when you’ve taken a course that carries over to relevant topics in a new one. As a former student of Doug Wilson’s Marketing Strategy class and Katie Mercurio Brand Strategy, brand persona is something that I know all too well (plug: Highly recommend you take their classes if you can). Doug is absolutely…read more
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Oh Metrics, You’re so Vain!

Author: Jesse Walker LinkedIn: Stop me if you’ve heard this before, “Data-driven decision making”. Or how about this one? “Insights-focused”. Ooooh, buzzwords! Don’t get me wrong, I love data and it’s definitely a best practice to make decisions based on data and insight. However, I believe there is a fine line between the right data and data that is…read more
Twitter Summary

Updating-more harm than good?

  In our discussion during Monday's class, we talked about what people want to see and what gets them engaged on social media.  This correlates with what we had talked about earlier in the term with buying followers, which aren't always or at all engaging.  People care about engaging pictures and short captions--not too much effort.  Data analysis is how…read more